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Spring 2017 Seminars

For the Spring Semester Weekly Seminar Series, seminars will be held at 3:45pm in the Alampi Room in the Marine and Coastal Sciences Building on Cook Campus.

DateSpeaker/AffliationSeminar TitleInstitutionHost Student
1/23/2017 Jordi Sole An open source, transparent and freeware model for the Renewable Energy Transition in Europe: the MEDEAS EU project Institute of Marine Sciences (CSIC) Barcelona, Spain & MEDEAS EU Alex Lopez 
1/30/2017 Arnoldo Valle-Levinson Sea-level rise hot spots along the U.S. Atlantic coast University of Florida Fernando Pareja
2/06/2017  Andrew Mutter
Becca Selden
 Protein design and iron-sulfur clusters / The role of warming in present and future piscivore dominance in a large marine ecosystem Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey  
2/13/2017  Hugh Roarty Development and Application of High Frequency Radar in the Mid Atlantic Bight    
2/20/2017  Xiaoli Zhou, Benjamin Knowles Benthic foraminiferal Na/Ca record suggesting seawater [Ca] history since mid-Miocene / Density-dependent thresholds in viral life strategies Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
2/27/2017  ASLO - No Seminar      
3/06/2017  Jill McDermott "Distinguishing chemical signals of life from abiotic processes in hydrothermal mixing zones" Lehigh University Amy Kuzminov
3/13/2017  Spring Recess - No Seminar      
3/20/2017  Ben Twining

Constraining the global plankton metallome, one cell at a time

Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences Stanley Ko 
3/27/2017  Nicole Lovenduski Ocean and land carbon uptake: Can we predict the future? University of Colorado at Boulder Chris Free 
3/30/2017 Lisa Levin Deep-Ocean Industrialization and Biodiversity Consequences for the 21st Century Scripps Institution of Oceanography Chris Free
4/03/2017  Maureen Raymo CO2, climate, and sea level: Past is prologue Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University Jennifer Walker 
4/10/2017  Mimi Koehl Swimming and crawling in a turbulent world University of California, Berkley  Emily Slesinger
4/17/2017  Walt Boynton ecosystem ecology University of Maryland  Rachel Gula
4/24/2017 Susanne Craig Photons, Phytoplankton and Climate Dalhousie University Mike Brown
5/01/2017 Melissa Omand observational and biophysical interactions University of Rhode Island Chuning Wang and Zhuomin Chen 

Fall 2016 Seminars

For the Fall Semester Weekly Seminar Series, seminars will be held at 3:45pm in the Alampi Room in the Marine and Coastal Sciences Building on Cook Campus.

DateSpeaker/AffliationSeminar TitleInstitutionHost Student
9/12/2016 Oyster Bar      
9/19/2016 Anand Gnanadesikan Drivers and impacts of biogeochemical variability  Johns Hopkins University Chuning Wang
Zhuomin Chen
9/26/2016  David Burns Water(s), Rivers, Estuaries and Ocean(s): Multidisciplinary Troubles as Opportunities for Teaching and Learning Science Education for New Civic Engagements and Responsibilities Jacqueline McSweeney 
10/03/2016  Andrew Stewart Eddy mixing and transport at the Antarctic margins.  University of California, Los Angeles Nicole Couto 
10/10/2016  Douglas Zemeckis/Tina Dura Informing the assessment and management of fishery resources through collaborative research / Detection of Holocene earthquakes and tsunamis using diatom analysis in coastal sedimentary sequences Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey  
10/17/2016  Ryan Abernathey "What are Ocean Eddies?"  Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University  Cliff Watkins 
10/24/2016  Adam Parris Reshaping the legacy of the coast in the US: Turning the tide in New York City and Jamaica Bay  Science and Resilience Institute at Jamaica Bay Jennifer Walker 
10/31/2016  Colette Feehan/Timothy Shaw

Colette: Promoting coral reef resiliency through recovery of a keystone herbivore after disease.

Tim: Late Holocene sea level variability from the mid U.S. Atlantic coast

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey   
11/07/2016  Heidi Sosik High resolution time series of plankton communities: From early warning of harmful blooms to sentinels of climate change  Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Christien Laber
Brittany Schieler 
11/14/2016  Nina Therkildsen Next generation genomics for fisheries management and marine conservation  Cornell University Chris Free 
11/21/2016  Paul Falkowski How corals make rocks  Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey  
11/28/2016  Laura Miller Fluid dynamics of pulsing in Cnidarians: Consequences for swimming, feeding and exchange  The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Joe Caracappa 
12/05/2016  Joe Kirschvink From Archean Magnetotaxis, through the Great Oxygenation Event, the First Snowball Earth, and onto the Rise of Eukaryotes  California Institute of Technology  
12/12/2016 AGU - No Seminar      

Spring 2016 Seminars     

DateSpeaker/AffliationSeminar TitleInstitutionWebsite
1/25/2016 James Pringle Origin of Mean Flows on Western Boundary Shelves, including the Mid-Atlantic Bight  UNH
2/8/2016 Craig Lee An Autonomous Investigation of the Marginal Ice Zone  UW APL
2/15/2016 Charles Madenjian Sex and Contaminants in Fish: "Hot Spots", Big Testes, and High Activity Males  USGS
2/22/2016 Hermann Fritz 2011 Tohoku tsunami runup hydrographs and overland flow velocities based on survivor videos using LiDAR  Georgia Tech
2/29/2016 Yair Rosenthal Stars' War: the return of the Raymo-Ruddiman hypothesis? or Did the Mid-Pliocene warmth bring the Northern Hemisphere Chill?  DMCS,Rutgers 
3/7/2016 Alison Taylor Cell Biology of Coccolithophores: Insights into Calcification, Physiology, and Ecology  UNCW
3/14/2016 spring break      
3/21/2016 Chris Gobler Understanding harmful algal blooms in a changing world: From genes to ocean basins  Stony Brook
3/28/2016 Einat Segev Bacteria Farm Emiliania huxleyi and Influence Algal Alkenones  Harvard
4/4/2016 Liz Sikes Radiocarbon and Stable Isotope Evidence for Increased Ventilation of the Southwest Pacific Ocean during the Last Deglaciation  Rutgers, DMCS
4/11/2016 Doug Nowacek   Duke
4/18/2016 Ellen Martin Weathering on Greenland: Why does it Matter?  UFL
4/25/2016 Eli Moore New Membrane Lipids, Marine Protein Cycling, and the Network of Electron Transfer: Environmental Science from Molecular to Global Scales  Rutgers, DMCS
5/2/2016 Ryan Kelly Genetic Signatures of Ecological Diversity Along an Urbanization Gradient  University of Washington

Fall 2015 Seminars

DateSpeaker/AffliationSeminar TitleHost ProfessorHost Student
9/14/2015  Andrea Dutton  (University of Florida)

Assessing the evidence for polar ice sheet collapse during the last glacial period (MIS 5e)         

 Ben Horton Jennifer Walker
 9/21/2015  Adina Paytan  (University of Californa, Santa Cruz)

 Atmospheric Deposition Impacts on the Ocean

Liz Sikes  Amy Anderson
 9/28/2015  Oyster Bar



 -  -
 10/5/2015  Doug Nowacek  (Duke University)

Anthropogenic Ocean Noise: Sources, impacts and some ideas for management

 Oscar Schofield  Chris Free
 10/12/2015 Kristen Thyng  (Texas A&M University)

Transport on and across Texas-Louisiana shelf     

  Nicole Couto
 10/19/2015 Olaf Jensen  (DMCS Faculty)





 Tracy Mincer  (WHOI)


 Kay Bidle  Brittany Schieler
 11/2/2015 Donal Manahan  (University of Southern California)


 Heidi Fuchs  Jaclyn Specht
 11/9/2015 Deborah Steinberg  (VIMS)

Zooplankton community structure, grazing, and carbon export in the Amazon River plume and tropical North Atlantic 

Grace Saba Filipa Carvalho
 11/16/2015  Amber Annett (DMCS Postdoc)

 Radium isotopes in shelf seas: Investigating trace metal supply

 - -
 11/23/2015  Chris Sherwood  (USGS)

Observations and models of floc dynamics in the coastal ocean 

   Jack McSweeney
 11/30/2015  Mike McCann  (DMCS Postdoc)

The BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Modern Food Web Ecology 

- -
 12/7/2015  Josh Roering  ( University of Oregon)

Sediment flux, climate, and landscape evolution in unglaciated terrain 

  Isabel Hong & Jack McSweeney