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Spring 2017 Seminars

For the Spring Semester Weekly Seminar Series, seminars will be held at 3:45pm in the Alampi Room in the Marine and Coastal Sciences Building on Cook Campus.

DateSpeaker/AffliationSeminar TitleInstitutionHost Student
1/23/2017 Jordi Sole An open source, transparent and freeware model for the Renewable Energy Transition in Europe: the MEDEAS EU project Institute of Marine Sciences (CSIC) Barcelona, Spain & MEDEAS EU Alex Lopez 
1/30/2017 Arnoldo Valle-Levinson Sea-level rise hot spots along the U.S. Atlantic coast University of Florida Fernando Pareja
2/06/2017  Andrew Mutter
Becca Selden
  Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey  
2/13/2017  Hugh Roarty      
2/20/2017  Xiaoli Zhou, Benjamin Knowles   Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
2/27/2017  ASLO - No Seminar      
3/06/2017  Jill McDermott geochemistry of hydrothermal fluids Lehigh University
3/13/2017  Spring Recess - No Seminar      
3/20/2017  Ben Twining biochemistry, metal cycling in phytoplankton Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences  
3/27/2017  Nicole Lovenduski ocean biogeochemistry modelling University of Colorado at Boulder  
4/03/2017  Maureen Raymo paleoceanography Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University  
4/10/2017  Mimi Koehl ecological and evolutionary biomechanics University of California, Berkley  
4/17/2017  Walt Boynton ecosystem ecology University of Maryland  
4/24/2017 Susanne Craig remote sensing, ocean optics Dalhousie University Mike Brown
5/01/2017 Melissa Omand observational and biophysical interactions University of Rhode Island  

Fall 2016 Seminars

For the Fall Semester Weekly Seminar Series, seminars will be held at 3:45pm in the Alampi Room in the Marine and Coastal Sciences Building on Cook Campus.

DateSpeaker/AffliationSeminar TitleInstitutionHost Student
9/12/2016 Oyster Bar      
9/19/2016 Anand Gnanadesikan Drivers and impacts of biogeochemical variability  Johns Hopkins University Chuning Wang
Zhuomin Chen
9/26/2016  David Burns Water(s), Rivers, Estuaries and Ocean(s): Multidisciplinary Troubles as Opportunities for Teaching and Learning Science Education for New Civic Engagements and Responsibilities Jacqueline McSweeney 
10/03/2016  Andrew Stewart Eddy mixing and transport at the Antarctic margins.  University of California, Los Angeles Nicole Couto 
10/10/2016  Douglas Zemeckis/Tina Dura Informing the assessment and management of fishery resources through collaborative research / Detection of Holocene earthquakes and tsunamis using diatom analysis in coastal sedimentary sequences Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey  
10/17/2016  Ryan Abernathey "What are Ocean Eddies?"  Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University  Cliff Watkins 
10/24/2016  Adam Parris Reshaping the legacy of the coast in the US: Turning the tide in New York City and Jamaica Bay  Science and Resilience Institute at Jamaica Bay Jennifer Walker 
10/31/2016  Colette Feehan/Timothy Shaw

Colette: Promoting coral reef resiliency through recovery of a keystone herbivore after disease.

Tim: Late Holocene sea level variability from the mid U.S. Atlantic coast

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey   
11/07/2016  Heidi Sosik High resolution time series of plankton communities: From early warning of harmful blooms to sentinels of climate change  Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Christien Laber
Brittany Schieler 
11/14/2016  Nina Therkildsen Next generation genomics for fisheries management and marine conservation  Cornell University Chris Free 
11/21/2016  Paul Falkowski How corals make rocks  Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey  
11/28/2016  Laura Miller Fluid dynamics of pulsing in Cnidarians: Consequences for swimming, feeding and exchange  The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Joe Caracappa 
12/05/2016  Joe Kirschvink From Archean Magnetotaxis, through the Great Oxygenation Event, the First Snowball Earth, and onto the Rise of Eukaryotes  California Institute of Technology  
12/12/2016 AGU - No Seminar      

Spring 2016 Seminars     

DateSpeaker/AffliationSeminar TitleInstitutionWebsite
1/25/2016 James Pringle Origin of Mean Flows on Western Boundary Shelves, including the Mid-Atlantic Bight  UNH
2/8/2016 Craig Lee An Autonomous Investigation of the Marginal Ice Zone  UW APL
2/15/2016 Charles Madenjian Sex and Contaminants in Fish: "Hot Spots", Big Testes, and High Activity Males  USGS
2/22/2016 Hermann Fritz 2011 Tohoku tsunami runup hydrographs and overland flow velocities based on survivor videos using LiDAR  Georgia Tech
2/29/2016 Yair Rosenthal Stars' War: the return of the Raymo-Ruddiman hypothesis? or Did the Mid-Pliocene warmth bring the Northern Hemisphere Chill?  DMCS,Rutgers 
3/7/2016 Alison Taylor Cell Biology of Coccolithophores: Insights into Calcification, Physiology, and Ecology  UNCW
3/14/2016 spring break      
3/21/2016 Chris Gobler Understanding harmful algal blooms in a changing world: From genes to ocean basins  Stony Brook
3/28/2016 Einat Segev Bacteria Farm Emiliania huxleyi and Influence Algal Alkenones  Harvard
4/4/2016 Liz Sikes Radiocarbon and Stable Isotope Evidence for Increased Ventilation of the Southwest Pacific Ocean during the Last Deglaciation  Rutgers, DMCS
4/11/2016 Doug Nowacek   Duke
4/18/2016 Ellen Martin Weathering on Greenland: Why does it Matter?  UFL
4/25/2016 Eli Moore New Membrane Lipids, Marine Protein Cycling, and the Network of Electron Transfer: Environmental Science from Molecular to Global Scales  Rutgers, DMCS
5/2/2016 Ryan Kelly Genetic Signatures of Ecological Diversity Along an Urbanization Gradient  University of Washington

Fall 2015 Seminars

DateSpeaker/AffliationSeminar TitleHost ProfessorHost Student
9/14/2015  Andrea Dutton  (University of Florida)

Assessing the evidence for polar ice sheet collapse during the last glacial period (MIS 5e)         

 Ben Horton Jennifer Walker
 9/21/2015  Adina Paytan  (University of Californa, Santa Cruz)

 Atmospheric Deposition Impacts on the Ocean

Liz Sikes  Amy Anderson
 9/28/2015  Oyster Bar



 -  -
 10/5/2015  Doug Nowacek  (Duke University)

Anthropogenic Ocean Noise: Sources, impacts and some ideas for management

 Oscar Schofield  Chris Free
 10/12/2015 Kristen Thyng  (Texas A&M University)

Transport on and across Texas-Louisiana shelf     

  Nicole Couto
 10/19/2015 Olaf Jensen  (DMCS Faculty)





 Tracy Mincer  (WHOI)


 Kay Bidle  Brittany Schieler
 11/2/2015 Donal Manahan  (University of Southern California)


 Heidi Fuchs  Jaclyn Specht
 11/9/2015 Deborah Steinberg  (VIMS)

Zooplankton community structure, grazing, and carbon export in the Amazon River plume and tropical North Atlantic 

Grace Saba Filipa Carvalho
 11/16/2015  Amber Annett (DMCS Postdoc)

 Radium isotopes in shelf seas: Investigating trace metal supply

 - -
 11/23/2015  Chris Sherwood  (USGS)

Observations and models of floc dynamics in the coastal ocean 

   Jack McSweeney
 11/30/2015  Mike McCann  (DMCS Postdoc)

The BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Modern Food Web Ecology 

- -
 12/7/2015  Josh Roering  ( University of Oregon)

Sediment flux, climate, and landscape evolution in unglaciated terrain 

  Isabel Hong & Jack McSweeney