Christien Laber

Graduate Student

71 Dudley Rd
New Brunswick, NJ 08901
Room 305D

Christien Laber Christien Laber

Research Interests

Phytoplankton have played an imperative role in the development of the Earth’s current physical, chemical and biological structure. They are currently responsible for half of the global O2 production and influence the fate of atmospheric CO2. I am interested in the dynamics of phytoplankton growth and understanding the factors that influence the formation and decimation of blooms and in turn, the impacts that their growth and death have on the environment.

Short History

My interest in oceanography began during my third year of university, after diverging from my initial interest in music performance. I quickly became fond of the microbial community and interested in the critical roles and impacts they have on the biosphere. My undergrad research centered on dinoflagellate interaction with the environment, specifically, how light intensity influenced the production of toxic, secondary compounds by Karlodinium veneficum. During an internship at Mote Marine Laboratory, I also became interested in the use of ocean optics in monitoring marine primary production.


  • 2011, BS, Marine Science, Rider University
  • since 2011 - PhD Candidate, Graduate Program in Oceanography, Rutgers University