Charlotte M. Fuller

Marine Scientist
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Char Fuller

Research Interests

My research area is marine benthic ecology. Some specific areas of interest include organism-flow interactions (in flumes and in the field), population dynamics and ecology of benthic invertebrates, responses to disturbance, and the 2-way interactions between benthic organisms and sediment chemistry and sediment transport processes, more recently I have participated in research on disturbances in marshes.

Short History

I grew up playing in and on the ocean, and attempt to continue those activities as often as possible. I obtained my undergraduate degree from Florida institute of Technology (B.S. in Biology, Marine Biology concentration). Then I worked as a research assistant and research associate at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute for 10 years. I returned to graduate school at The University of Connecticut, Avery Point (M.S. in Oceanography). After graduate school, in 1992, I came to Rutgers University to work on the senior research technical staff just after the Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences was established.

Teaching Efforts

Identification of Marine Invertebrates #11:628:340 (undergraduate)