Becca Selden

NSF OCE Post-Doctoral Fellow

14 College Farm Rd
New Brunswick, NJ 08901
ENR 156
Full CV

Becca Selden Becca Selden Becca Selden

Research Interests

I am a marine ecologist interested in incorporating species interactions (e.g. predation) into marine conservation and fisheries management, and understanding how human impacts on marine ecosystems affect these key interactions. In my dissertation research I used a combination of field studies, lab experiments, and simulation modeling to understand how size-selective harvest of predators impacts their functional role in marine ecosystems. As an NSF OCE post-doctoral fellow, I am examining how distributional shifts in response to warming may alter predator-prey interactions, and whether biotic interactions influence the capacity for species to respond to warming oceans.

Short History

2015 Ph.D. University of California Santa Barbara
2006 B.A Bowdoin College, Biology

Teaching Efforts

Instructor, Introduction to Ecology (University of California Santa Barbara, 2014)

Select Publications

Selden, RL, Valencia, SR, Larsen, AE, Cornejo-Donoso, J, Wasserman A. (2016) Evaluating seafood eco-labeling as a mechanism to reduce collateral impacts of fisheries in an ecosystem-based fisheries management context. Marine Policy 64:102-115.

Eurich, JG1, Selden, RL2, Warner, RR. (2014) California spiny lobster preference for urchins from kelp forests: implications for urchin barren persistence. MEPS 498: 217-225. 1 Student supervised for Honors Thesis, 2 Corresponding author

Nicolás L. Gutiérrez, Sarah R. Valencia, Trevor A. Branch, David J. Agnew, Julia K. Baum, Patricia L. Bianchi, Jorge Cornejo-Donoso, Christopher Costello, Omar Defeo, Timothy E. Essington, Ray Hilborn, Daniel D. Hoggarth, Ashley E. Larsen, Chris Ninnes, Keith Sainsbury, Rebecca L. Selden, Seeta Sistla, Anthony D.M. Smith, Amanda Stern-Pirlot, Sarah J. Teck, James T. Thorson, Nicholas E. Williams. (2012) Eco-label conveys reliable information on fisheries health to seafood consumers. PLoS ONE: 7(8): e43765.

Madin, E., S. Gaines, J. Madin, A. Link, P. Lubchenco, R. Selden, R. Warner. (2012). Do behavioral foraging responses of prey to predation risk function similarly in restored and pristine foodwebs? PLoS ONE: 7(3): e32390.

Selden, R., A. Johnson, O. Ellers. (2009). Waterborne cues from crabs induce thicker skeletons, smaller gonads and size-specific growth in sea urchins. Marine Biology 156: 1057-1071.