They’re qualified! - congratulations to Emily, Cliff, Stan, Schuyler, Chris and Vince.

quals 2018

All the weeks (months?) of studying have paid off: After a thorough stress test, aka the qualifying written and oral exams, we have decided that these seven PhD students are indeed qualified to pursue a PhD in oceanography. They are already very heavily engaged in their PhD research, but have now officially have advanced to PhD candidacy. Keep up the great work, we’re very happy to have you here in our graduate program… and we very much enjoyed the crash course on oceanography on the Mezzanine white boards these past few weeks!

Emily Schlesinger - studies fish physiology and response to climate change
Stan Ko - studies coral biogeochemistry and their use as paleoproxies
Schuyler Nardelli - studies Southern Ocean phytoplankton physiology
Chris Johns - studies virus interactions with E. Huxleyi
Vince Clementi - studies Southern ocean paleoceanography and global change
Cliff Watkins - studies ocean dynamics on the NJ continental shelf