Rutgers Collaborative for Raritan Education & Observation

Binding the Rutgers' Student Body Through the Old Raritan


For Rutgers students the Raritan River is a problem, a physical barrier separating campuses experienced primarily through the windows of a bus. The Rutgers Collaborative for Raritan Education & Outreach (RCREO) will transform the Raritan Basin into an interactive field laboratory that enhances the student experience by linking science, engineering, and humanities programs through interdisciplinary classes, projects and activities that take place not only on the banks of but actually on and in the Old Raritan and its tributaries.

Our goal is to provide access to and awareness of the science and history of the Raritan River. Students can explore the Raritan River aboard the 20 passenger landing craft, which can be docked in New Brunswick, and/or access authentic data collected within the Raritan River and its tributaries.

In addition, we are working to connect those within the Rutgers community who are interested in using the data collected on the Raritan for research and/or teaching purposes. This group will share resources, including effective teaching practices and activities, as well as discuss relevant research questions.

For additional information on the Rutgers Collaborative for Raritan Education & Observation, go to our website at or email Carrie Ferraro at .

The RCREO is part of the Rutgers Raritan River Consortium