Bravo Zulu to Dr. Chris Free

Congratulations to Chris for the successful defense of his PhD thesis!

ChrisFree defense

And if that wasn’t enough, he has also just been awarded the Rutgers Outstanding Doctoral Student Award. This is the highest award bestowed on graduate students at Rutgers involving 75 PhD programs. Below is a picture from the awards ceremony, where he is being handed the award by Jerry Kukor, the Dean of the Rutgers Graduate School:

ChrisFree award

Chris will continue his stellar work in Olaf's lab as a post-doc (1) determining whether the productivity of marine predators such as tuna, whales and seabirds are influenced by the abundance of their prey or whether the ability of predators to move and switch prey negates this expected link, and (2) developing a data-limited stock assessment model that will be useful in assessing multi-species fisheries commonly targeted in developing countries. Check out his webpage for more information.