Taylor Dodge and Rachael Young, Rutgers University-New Brunswick seniors, are friends, roommates and South Jersey natives who are headed to opposite ends of Antarctica this month for separate research projects to gather data on the effects of climate change. Read our story and watch our video to learn about the many hoops they had to jump through to go on their adventure.


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RUCOOL spotlight in new Rutgers TV commercial

Farming the Ocean

Haskin Shellfish Research Lab, left to right: David Bushek, Ximing Guo and Lisa Calvo.

“Jersey Fresh” doesn’t end at the water’s edge here in the Garden State

If New Jersey’s 720,000 acres of farmland are enough to classify it as the Garden State, what do we make of its 120 miles of coastline, 420 miles of open estuary and bay waters, and 661,000 acres of freshwater wetlands? Thanks to the efforts of several Rutgers researchers and extension specialists at the Haskin Shellfish Research Laboratory, aquaculture—in this case, breeding and farming shellfish—just may be the new frontier

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