2017 Student Polar Research Symposium

On June 8th, young students gathered at the Cook Student Center for a day of Polar Ice presentations. As a part of the Science Investigations (Sci-I) Project, students from grades 6-9 conduct investigations using real polar data. The project concludes with a poster session, where students present their finings amongst peers and scientists.






Haskin Lab Featured In NSF Article


Photo by Susan Ford

Healthy (left) and diseased (right) eastern oysters. The diseased oyster is infected with Dermo.

The Haskin Shellfish Research Laboratory was recently featured in an article by the National Science Foundation for World Oceans Day this Thursday, June 8. The article discusses infectious disease transmission/causes and what this means for the sustainability of marine ecosystems. More can be read at the NSF article here.

Mesohux 2017 Bergen, Norway


Kim Thamatrakoln and Kay Bidle, with some of their students and post docs, as well as scientists from other universities, are currently running a mesocosm experiment at the University of Bergen Marine Station, Norway. Information about the project, the people and updates are on the MesoHux2017 blog:

Social media for Mesohux 2017: