Amy Anderson

Graduate Student

71 Dudley Rd
New Brunswick, NJ 08901
Room 303E

Amy Anderson Amy Anderson Amy Anderson

Research Interests

The history of different events and processes on Earth is very interesting as it involves aspects of all of the natural sciences. My research involves using geochemical techniques to understand signatures preserved in the sediments and rocks. The sediments provide a great opportunity to work back through time. To help understand the past processes, modern scenarios provide opportunities to test ideas. To do this, I am working on some samples collected within the water column and the sediment surface, along with older sediments. These will provide an opportunity to test hypothesis and ensure that the elements behave as predicted. My analysis involve measuring concentrations, along with doing an isotope analysis for certain elements.

Short History

I grew up in northern Maine, where I enjoyed being outside with nature. At Bowdoin College, I studied geology and art history, which allowed me to appreciate their overlap in studying the history of earth and people, but also how chemistry can play a role in investigating them. Since being at Rutgers, I have enjoyed being able to learn more and to increase my analytical skills. In September 2015, I took part in a research cruise to the Black Sea, which was a great experience (minus being sea sick).


  • 2012: BA in Earth and Oceanographic Sciences and Art History, minor in Chemistry, Bowdoin College
  • 2013-Present: PhD student in Oceanography,Rutgers University