OGSA Alumni

 ThesisAdvisorDegreeLast Known Location
Rachel Gula Microbial Host-Mutualist Communication in Marine Organisms: Insights from the Giant Clam Hippopus Hippopus Adams M.Sc.  
Nicole Couto Circulation and Heat Transport on the West Antarctic Peninsula Continental Shelf Schofield Ph.D.  
Jaclyn Specht Effects of temperature on hard clam (Mercenaria mercenaria) feeding and energetics Fuchs M.Sc.  
Katherine Nickerson Changing Fish Assemblages in a Mid-Atlantic Fishery: Sensitivity Analysis of a Long-term Time Series to Climate Change and Guild Construction Grothues M.Sc.  
Filipa Carvalho Coupled physical and phytoplankton dynamics in coastal Antarctica Kohut & Schofield Ph.D.  
Patrick Flanagan Community-temperature mismatch in a benthic marine ecosystem Pinsky M.Sc.  
Aboozar Tabatabai Physical and biogeochemical modeling in Delaware Estuary Wilkin Ph.D.  
Greg Seroka Stratified Coastal Ocean Interactions with Hurricanes and the Sea Breeze in the U.S. Mid-Atlantic Glenn Ph.D.  
Jacqueline McSweeney Sediment Transport Dynamics in Delaware Estuary Chant Ph.D.  
Anthony Vastano Age and growth of a subtropical marsh fish: The Gulf Killifish, Fundulus grandis Jensen M.Sc.  
Joomi Kim Studies on the effect of cell cycle arrest on central metabolism in the diatom Phaeodactylum tricornutum, using physiological and systems biology approaches Falkowski Ph.D.  
Jeana Drake The skeletal proteome and production of calcifying proteins in the stony coral Stylophora pistillata


Ph.D. Research Associate, UCLA
Lauren Seyler Discerning the mechanisms of coexistence between marine cren/thaumarchaea and marine bacteria via stable isotope probing Kerkhof Ph.D.  
Guangyu Xu Quantitative observations of a deep-sea hydrothermal plume using an acoustic imaging sonar Rona & Bemis Ph.D. Postdoctoral Scholar, WHOI
Lauren Weisel Estimating New Zealand temperature and aridity since the last glacial maximum from biomass burning markers Sikes M.Sc.  
Kaycee Coleman Understanding the winter flounder (Pseudopleuronectes americanus) Southern New England / Mid-Atlantic stock through historical trawl surveys and monitoring cross continental shelf movement Grothues M.Sc. Database manager, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Division of Migratory Birds
Nicole Waite The Role of Sedimentary Sulfide in Seagrass Decline in Barnegat Bay-Little Egg Harbor, NJ Severmann M.Sc. Research Technician, COOL group, Rutgers University
Xinzhong (Peter) Zhang Atlantic Surfclam Larval Transport, Population Connectivity, and Physical Drivers on the Middle Atlantic Bight and Georges Bank Haidvogel Ph.D. Decision Technician Modeler, Chase Bank
Julie Kalansky Internal and Forced Variability of the Equatorial Pacific on Millennial and Centennial Time Scales Rosenthal Ph.D. Posdoctoral Associate, Scripps Research Institute
Travis Miles Observations and modeling of the coastal ocean beneath tropical and extra-tropical cyclones Glenn Ph.D. Postdoctoral Associate, Rutgers University
Kevin Crum Modeling plankton in a human-impacted estuary Fuchs M.Sc. Scientific Programmer, Late Nite Labs
Tali Babila Boron/Calcium in planktonic foraminifera Rosenthal Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Bowdoin College
Kathleen Harazin The trace element composition of suspended particulate matter from the Amundsen Sea Polynya, West Antarctica Sherrell M.Sc. PhD student, Australian National University
Mikaela Provost Understanding sex change in exploited fish populations Jensen M.Sc. World Wildlife Fund
Maria Aristizabal Salt dispersion in Delaware Chant Ph.D. Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Connecticut
Anna Hermes Spatial and seasonal particulate organic carbon cycling within the Delaware estuary, assessed using biomarker and stable carbon isotopic approaches Sikes M.Sc. Environmental Analyst, Philadelphia Water Department
Benedetto Schiraldi Jr. A multi-proxy look at deglacial southwest Pacific Ocean sea surface temperature and thermocline source water changes Sikes M.Sc. Graduate Student, Stony Brook University
Yi Xu Phytoplankton dynamics studying using observation and bio-physical modeling Schofield Ph.D. Post Doctoral Associate, North Carolina State University
Dove Guo The effect of wind and momentum advection in the James River estuary from field observations Chant M.Sc. Not available
Elizabeth Diamond Do scavengers influence dermo disease (Perkinsus marinus) transmission? Bushek M.Sc. Technician, Smithsonian Institution
Katherine Esswein Patterns of climate variability in the Western Equatorial Pacific during the Common Era Rosenthal M.Sc. Research Staff Assistant, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
Joe Jurisa Impact of cross-shelf winds and estuarine/coastal ocean coupling on buoyant plume systems Chant Ph.D. Research Associate & Postdoctoral Scholar, Oregon State University
Matthew Yergey Movement of summer flounder (Paralichthys dentatus) Able M.Sc. Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission
Eleni Anagnostou The development and application of nutrient and carbonate system proxies in the deep sea coral Desmophyllum dianthus Sherrell Ph.D. Postdoctoral research fellow, University of Southampton
Kate Korotky Effects of sand fences and beach raking on beach and dune dimensions Nordstrom M.Sc. Ensign, Fleet Survey Team, United States Navy
Laura Palamara Improving models of covariation between marine communities and their habitats by incorporating pelagic features captured by coastal ocean observatories Kohut M.Sc. Laboratory Researcher III, Rutgers University
Brian Gaas Response and regulation of cell-surface hydrolases to nutrient stress in river-influenced coastal areas Ammerman Ph.D. Not available
Donglai Gong Mesoscale variability on the New Jersey shelf Glenn Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Virginia Institute of Marine Science
Michelle LaVigne Coralline P/CA: development and application of a novel surface ocean phosphate proxy Sherrell Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Bowdoin College
Carrie Ferraro Specialized relationships between active bacteria and their environment Kerkhof Ph.D. Project Coordinator, Rutgers University
Hui Liu Microbial reductive dechlorination of weathered polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins and dibenzofurans in contaminated sediments de Vargas Ph.D. Quality Statistics Co-op Consultant, Bristol-Myers Squibb
Joan Pravatiner Estuarine habitat and behavior of winter flounder (Pseudopleuronectes americanus) Able M.Sc. Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries
Livia Gong (Montone) A coral skeleton geochemical record of surface water properties in the Oman upwelling region Sherrell M.Sc. Masters in Education program, College of William & Mary, MD
Wanjing Liao Further characterization of metacaspase expression and activity in marine phytoplankton Bidle M.Sc. Science Laboratory Teaching Support Technician For High School, Western Acad. of Beijing
Kayte Altieri Insights into the molecular level composition, sources, and formation mechanisms of dissolved organic matter in aerolsols and precipitation Seitzinger Ph.D. Associate Research Scholar & Atmospheric Biogeochemist, NOAA
Frank Natale   Falkowski M.Sc. Laboratory Researcher, Rutgers University
Rachel Sipler The role of dissolved organic matter in structuring microbial community composition Seitzinger & Schofield Ph.D. Research Scientist, Virginia Institute of Marine Science
Weifeng (Gordon) Zhang Coastal ocean modeling using variational methods for freshwater dispersal study, data assimilation and observing system design Wilkin Ph.D. Assistant Scientist, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Chengi Yan Energy storage in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii measured with photoacoustic techniques Falkowski M.Sc. Not available
Kate (Jordan) Florio Evaluating carbonate saturation effects on magnesium calcium core top calibration in benthic foraminifera Rosenthal M.Sc. Not available
L. Alex Kahl Phytoplankton physiology and export flux Schofield Ph.D. Senior Advisor, Bureau of Energy Resources, U.S. Department of State
Nicole Raineault Effects of bulkheads on estuarine beach swash zone processes and characteristics Nordstrom M.Sc. Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Rhode Island
Ramya Ramadurai Water mass classification using band ratios Glenn M.Sc. Project Manager, Case Western Reserve University
Sindia Sosdian Climate transitions across the cenozoic: insight from elemental ratios in benthic foraminifera and marine gastropods Rosenthal Ph.D. Postdoctoral Research Associate, Cardiff University
Steve Tuorto Prey density-dependant protozoan bacterivory Taghon Ph.D. Post Doctoral Associate, Rutgers University
Jason Sylvan Assessing multiple indicators of nutrient limitation in marine phytoplankton on the Louisiana continental shelf Ammerman Ph.D. Assistant Research Professor, University of Southern California
Sherrie Whittaker Using molecular techniques to quantify iron bound nitrogenase in trichodesmium IMS 101 and natural populations Falkowski M.Sc. Not available
Emily Clinch Scientific literacy and undergraduate education at Rutgers University Rosenthal M.Sc. Not Available
David Gruber Ecological stoichiometry of marine bacteria: relationship to growth rate, protozoan predation, and organic matter degradation Taghon Ph.D. Associate Professor Biology and Environmental Science, City University of New York
Grant Law The impacts of spatial and temporal variability of larval transport on the distribution and population dynamics of the sea scallop (Placopecten magellanicus) Quinlan Ph.D. Pacific University
Gregg Foti The Hudson River plume : utilizing an ocean model and field observations to predict and analyze physical processes that affect the freshwater transport Wilkin M.Sc. Faculty Research Assistant, University of Maryland
Brian Gaas Automated high resolution ectoenzyme measurements: instrument development and deployment in three trophic regimes Ammerman M.Sc. Not available
Yongchen Ji Not available Sherrell Ph.D. Senior Research Chemist, Arch Chemicals, N
Matt Oliver Towards a synthesis of continental shelf dynamics and eukaryotic phytoplankton evolution Falkowski & Schofield Ph.D. Assistant Professor, University of Delaware
Tuo Shi Genome-enabled informatics and biochemical genetics in marine cyanobacteria Falkowski Ph.D. Senior Scientist, Sapphire Energy, Inc.
Felisa Wolfe-Simon The role and evolution of superoxide dismutases in algae Falkowski & Schofield Ph.D. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Brenda Landau An investigation into the phenotypic consequences of triploidy and aneuployd in two cupped oyster species, crassostrea Virginica and crassostrea gigas Bushek Ph.D. Algologist, Rutgers University
Shannon Newby Boundary layer flow and interactions between initial surfclam recruits (spisula solidissima), the hermit crab (pagurus longicarpus), and the sea star (asterias forbesi) J Grassle Ph.D. Oxnard College
Yonghua Chen Observed and modeled relationships among surface temperature, cloud properties, and longwave radiation over the Arctic Ocean J Fancis & J Miller Ph.D. Associate Research Scientist, Columbia University
Zoe Finkel Physiological bases for environmentally driven changes in phytoplankton community structure Falkowski & Schofield Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Mount Allison University
Steven Litvin Trophic linkages, movements, condition and energetics of a juvenile marine transient in the Delaware Bay Estuary: implications for the role of habitat in recruitment success Not available Ph.D. Postdoctoral Scholar, Stanford University
Trisha Bergmann The physiological ecology and natural distribution patterns of cryptomonad algae in coastal aquatic ecosystems Falkowski & Schofield Ph.D. International Policy & Diplomacy, National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration
Louis Bowers The effect of sea surface temperature on sea breeze dynamics along the coast of New Jersey Glenn M.Sc. Senior Meteorologist, Iberdrola Renewables
Byoung-Ju Choi Interannual variation of the polar front in the East/Japan Sea : observed data and numerical simulations Haidvogel Ph.D. Associate Professor, Kunsan National University
Yungkul Kim Geographical distribution of parasites and pathologies and relationship to contaminant body burden in sentinel bivalves : NOAA status and trends 'Mussel Watch' Program Powell Ph.D. Assistant Professor / Marine Science Program Director, Jackson State University
Josh Nelson Time series analysis using TRFLP analysis and DNA sequencing of 16S rDNA genes to assess background bacterioplankton variability and to identify dominant microorganisms off the coast of New Jersey Kerkhof M.Sc. Biology Teacher, Point Pleasant High School
Joe Grzymski Ecosystem, cellular and sub-cellular dynamics of the marine, diatom plastid Schofield Ph.D. Associate Research Professor, Desert Research Institute
Christopher Gregg Effects of biological and physical processes on the vertical distribution and horizontal transport of bivalve larvae in an estuarine inlet J Grassle Ph.D. Associate Rector & Instructor, Louisiana State University
Josh Kohut Spatial current structure observed with a calibrated HF radar system : the influence of local forcing, stratification, and topography on the inner shelf Glenn Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Rutgers University
Tracy Wiegner Microbial and photochemical degradation of allochthonous dissolved organic matter within river systems and watersheds Seitzinger Ph.D. Associate Professor, University of Hawai'i at Hilo
Tomoko Komada Sorptive dynamics and fluorescence properties of organic carbon within coastal sedimentary environments Reimers Ph.D. Associate Professor, San Francisco State University
Jay Cullen The Biogeochemistry of Cadmium and Iron in the Ocean: Uptake by Marine Phytoplankton Sherrell Ph.D. Associate Professor, Unversity of Victoria
Hongguang Ma Physical mechanisms and temporal and spatial patchiness in bivalve larval supply and settlement of the inner shelf of the mid-Atlantic bight J Grassle Ph.D. Statistician, National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration
Hank Statscewich Not available Glenn M.Sc. Researcher, University of Alaska Fairbanks
Sasha Tozzi Competition and succession of key marine phytoplankton functional groups in a variable environment Falkowski & Schofield M.Sc. OMEGA Postdoctoral Researcher, University of California Santa Cruz
Scott Durski Physical-biological interactions in the ocean : modeling the effects of large and small scale circulation on simple planktonic systems Haidvogel Ph.D. Research Associate, Oregon State University
Karen Stocks Factors affecting macroinfaunal community structure in salt marshes J Grassle   Director, Geological Data Center of Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Enrique Curchitser On the transient adjustment of a mid-latitude abyssal ocean basin with realistic geometry and bathymetry Haidvogel Ph.D. Associate Professor, Rutgers University
David Scala Using the nitrous oxide reductase (NOSZ) gene as a molecular marker for tracking denitrifying bacteria in marine and coastal environments Kerkhof Ph.D. High School Science Teacher
Hai Pan A coupled lake-atmosphere model (CLAM) and its application to Lake Kinneret Not available Ph.D. Not available
Richard Styles A continental shelf bottom boundary layer model: development, calibration, and applications to sediment transport in the Middle Atlantic Bight A continental shelf bottom boundary layer model: development, calibration, and applications to sediment transport in the Middle Atlantic Bight Ph.D. Associate Professor, University of South Carolina
Hoyle Lee A gulf stream synthetic geoid for the topex altimeter Haidvogel M.Sc. Intermediate Systems Analyst/Programmer, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
Hongguang Ma Time series analysis of meroplankton in moored pump samples at LEO-15 : the relationship between thw abundance of surfclam larvae and nearshore upwelling events J Grassle M.Sc. Statistician, National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration
James Ross Geochemistry of trace metals in New Jersey pinelands streams Sherrell M.Sc. Staff Associate, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
Hao-Jan Hsing Not available Sherrell M.Sc. National Science & Technology Center for Disaster Reduction, Taiwan
Mike Crowley Monitoring the Gulf Stream: an application of remote sensing and geographic information systems Glenn M.Sc. Program Manager, Rutgers University

Senior Advisor, Bureau of Energy Resources, U.S. Department of State