Name Graduate Program  Email Phone Advisor Room
acquafredda1sm Michael Acquafredda Ecology & Evolution   Munroe 304
  Ananya Agarwal Biochemistry & Microbiology   Falkowski 318B
  Dina Al-Roumi Microbiology 848-932-3448  Bidle 305D
 anderson1sm Amy Anderson Oceanography 848-932-3492 Severmann 303E
  Erica Ashe Statistics     Kopp  
  Sarah Borsetti Ecology & Evolution     Munroe  
 brown1sm Mike Brown   Oceanography 848-932-3410 Schofield 303E
caracappa1sm Joseph Caracappa Oceanography 848-932-3452 Munroe 205A
carvalho1sm Filipa Carvalho Oceanography 848-932-3452 Schofield 309D
  Katrina Catalano Ecology & Evolution     Pinsky  
  Huixan Chen visiting 848-932-3411 Horton 205D
chen2sm  Zhuomin Chen Oceanography   732-543-6408 Curchitser ENR 201 
  Kuan Yo Cheong Plant Sciences     Falkowski  
couto1sm  Nicole Couto Oceanography 848-932-3472 Schofield 114A
duzinski3sm  Phil Duzinski Oceanography 215-685-4876  Chant  
flanagan2sm  Patrick Flanagan Oceanography 415-508-8207    Pinsky ENR 136A 
fleming1sm  Naomi Fleming Oceanography   Wilkin  
free1sm  Chris Free Oceanography   Jensen 309F
  Abigail Golden Ecology & Evolution     Jensen  
grosche1sm  Ashley Grosche Microbiology   Vetriani 204A
mcclatchey1sm  Rachel (McClatchey) Gula Oceanography 848-932-3390  Adams 204
hoey1sm  Jennifer Hoey Ecology & Evolution   Pinsky ENR 139
hong1sm  Isabel Hong Oceanography 848-932-3412 Horton 205D
jelen1sm  Ben Jelen Environmental Sci.   Falkowski 318A
Christopher Johns Christopher Johns Oceanography   Bidle 305E
Stanley Ko Stanley Ko Oceanography 848-932-3405  Sherrell 211F
laber2sm  Christien Laber Oceanography 848-932-3448 Bidle 305D
li1sm  Cui Li visiting 856-785-0074 Guo HSRL
  Winnie Liu Earth & Planetary Sci. 848-932-3438  Falkowski 318B
lopez2sm  Alexander G. López Oceanography 848-932-3365 Wilkin 214B
martin1sm  Sean Martin Oceanography   Munroe HSRL
mccrary1sm  Marie McCrary Oceanography   Miller  
mcsweeney1sm  Jacqueline McSweeney Oceanography 848-932-3351 Chant 111F
jmorson1  Jason Morson  Ecology & Evolution   Munroe HSRL
Schuyler Nardelli Schuyler Nardelli Oceanography   Schofield 304
nickerson1sm  Katherine Nickerson Oceanography     Able 304
pareja2sm  Luis Fernando Pareja Oceanography     Chant 111F
patwardhan2sm  Sushmita Patwardhan Oceanography 848-932-3389 Vetriani 204A
schieler1sm  Brittany Schieler Oceanography 848-932-3448 Bidle 305D
seroka2sm  Greg Seroka Oceanography   848-932-3293 Glenn 103I
lietzke1sm  Sarah Lietzke (Sexton) Oceanography   Haidvogel 214A
Jon Sherman Jonathan Sherman Oceanography 848-932-3439  Adams/Falkowski 318A
Emily Slesinger Emily Slesinger Oceanography   Saba 304
specht1sm  Jackie Specht Oceanography     Fuchs 114B
tabatabai1sm  Seyed Aboozar Tabatabai Oceanography   848-932-3364 Wilkin 214A
valenti1sm  Jessica Valenti Oceanography 609-296-5260 ex252 Able / Grothues RUMFS
vastano2sm  Anthony Vastano Oceanography     Jensen 303F
walker4sm  Jennifer Walker Oceanography 848-932-3412 Horton 205E
wang2sm  Chuning Wang Oceanography   Curchitser  
watkins Clifford Watkins Oceanography 848-932-3293  Glenn 103I
young1sm  Talia Young Ecology & Evolution   Jensen 303F

Previous Graduates

anagnostousm  Eleni Anagnostou  Ph.D  2011 
aristizabalsm  Maria Aristizabal  Ph.D  2013 
babilasm  Tali Babila  Ph.D  2014 
coleman  Kaycee Coleman  M.S.  2014 
crum  Kevin Crum  M.S.  2014 
diamond  Elizabeth Diamond  M.S.  2012 
esswein  Katherine Esswein  M.S.  2012 
guo  Dove Guo  M.S.  2012 
harazin  Katie Harazin  M.S.  2012 
hermes  Anna Hermes  M.S.  2013 
jurisa  Joe Jurisa  Ph.D  2012 
kalansky  Julie Kalansky  Ph.D  2014 
korotky  Kate Korotky  M.S.  2011 
miles  Travis Miles  Ph.D  2014 
provost  Mikaela Provost  M.S.  2013 
schiraldi  Benedetto Schiraldi Jr.  M.S.  2013 
seyler  Lauren Seyler  Ph.D  2015 
waite1sm  Nicole Waite  M.S.  2015 
weisel  Lauren Weisel  M.S.  2015 
yixu  Yi Xu  Ph.D  2013 
yergey  Matthew Yergey  M.S.  2012 
xug  Guangyu Xu  Ph.D  2015 
zhang  Xinzhong (Peter) Zhang  Ph.D  2014 



Graduate Students

Rutgers Marine Science at Delaware Estuary Science Summit

Rutgers Marine Sciences was well represented at the recent Delaware Estuary Science Summit in Cape May, NJ. Ben Horton was an invited keynote speaker to speak about his research on sea level rise. One of his messages to the audience was that “It takes 10,000 years to form the Antarctic ice sheet and 50 years to undo it”. Daphne Munroe, who also attended, was well represented by her students: Mike Acquafredda, Sarah Borsetti and Joe Caracappa all presented great student posters about their work on surfclams, oyster spat and blue crab larvae. Joe was awarded best student poster for the conference - congrats Joe!

Ben’s keynote address on sea level rise and how it will affect the Delaware estuary.

Joe Caracappa’s winning poster on this research on blue crab larvae.

Mike Acquafredda discussing his research on Atlantic surf clams, while enjoying a beverage. That’s what networking is all about!

Sarah Borsetti has only just started her Masters, but already has some interesting results from her research on the Wild Eastern Oyster - a keystone species in the Delaware Bay.