Global NEWS Workshops

All workshops have taken place at the IOC office in Paris.

Past workshops

2007 - September

Discussed and analyzed Global NEWS results for Millennium Ecosystem Assessment scenarios. Years included in the analyses are 1970 (hindcast), 2000 (present), and MA scenarios for 2030 and 2050. Also discussed manuscripts for publication.

Photo of Workgroup Participants
Front Row, Left to Right: Josette Garnier, Gilles Billen, Emilio Mayorga, and Sybil Seitzinger
Back Row, Left to Right: Egon Dumont, Balazs Fekete, Arthur Beusen, Carolien Kroeze, Vincent Thieu, and John Harrison
Not Shown: Gerard van Drecht

2006 - May

Preparation and evaluation of initial Global NEWS runs of Millennium Ecosystem Assessment scenarios.

2004 - May

Model completion and preparation of publications. The resulting Global NEWS articles were published on a special issue of Global Biogechemical Cycles in 2005.

2003 - March

Initial Global NEWS model development.

Photo of Workgroup Participants
Front Row, Left to Right: May Ver, Sybil Seitzinger, Charles Vörösmarty, John Harrison, Agata Sferatorre, Wolfgang Ludwig, and Lex Bouwman
Back Row, Left to Right: Dan Conley, Petra Döll, Carolien Kroeze, Egon Dumont, Nina Caraco, and Arthur Beusen
Not Shown: Josette Garnier and Gilles Billen

2002 - May

Initial workgroup meeting.