Remote Sensing Presentations



Tuesday, December 1 - Biological Applications


David Golon - Remote sensing of insects

(embedded movie)


Joshua Moody - Detection of eutrophic events


Laura Palamara - Modeling of fish distributions using IOOS data


Josh Kauffman - Remote sensing of wetlands


James Lang - Remote sensing of hurricanes



Thursday, December 3 - Applications to Climate Change


Kaycee Coleman - Satellite imaging of sea ice


John Mioduszewski - Ice sheet altimetry and microwave sensing


Cael Sutherland - Greenhouse gas remote sensing


Zhiren Wang - Coastal line changes due to climate change



Tuesday, December 8 - Meteorological Applications


Xinzhong Zhang - Evaluation of scatterometer wind data


William Alston, Mark Baker, and Philip Degliomini - RADAR bright band and reflectivity
(notes for Alston) (notes for Degliomini)



Thursday, December 10 - Chemistry and Aerosol Applications


Anthony Coletti and Thomas Collow - The AURA Mission

(pptx for Coletti) (ppt for Collow)


Daniel Yu - Remote sensing of pollution in China


Lu Wang and Lili Xia- Remote sensing of dust



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