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Ocean World
Oceans Field Trip
physical geography.net
ONR - Science & Technology Focus: Oceanography
National Data Buoy Center Education Pages
TAMU - Waves & Tide
Interactive Exercises (Sea Pressure & Depth, Wave Characteristics, Secchi Disk, Hydrological Cycle, Fill the Earth with Oceans, Coriolis Effect)  
SIO visualization center
Interactive maps for oceanography
NOAA tides
Mission to the Abyss
Jet Propulsion Lab - Ocean Surface Topography from space
Oceanography from the Space Shuttle
Ocean Floor Database
Satellite Imagery of currents

The Gulf Stream (http://kingfish.coastal.edu/gulfstream)
Ice in the Ocean
Motion in the ocean http://www.onr.navy.mil/focus/ocean/motion/default.htm
Interactive exercises