Glider Project Deployed Recovered Days Distance Start/
End Voltage
Air Time POC Notes Payload KMZs Data Metadata
ud_134-486 MARACOOS 2016-08-30
16:19 GMT
12:35 GMT
8.84 146.9
14.23 Volts
12.76 Volts
3 ? kmzs

deployment Notes (3)  

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2017-06-21 17:49 GMT
configuration UB 0049
2017-06-21 17:36 GMT
configuration CTD-0140
2017-04-24 16:03 GMT
deployment 2016-09-27 18:52:28 N/A Lots of sand found all over glder and and instruments dkaragon

2016-09-27 18:52:15 N/A Recovered out of Chincoteague dkaragon

2016-09-07 02:00:46 N/A CC back on dkaragon

2016-09-06 17:04:27 N/A UBAT seems to have crapped out 9/4 evening. No flow registered and biolum values around 0. Nicole turned on sensor 9/6 11 am at 2 sec rate, no TBD file, lots of science oddities and noticed 1 ringbuff overflow. Trying change to FLBBCD from 1 to 2 sec sampling but really should not have had issue, I think it was 2 before. dkaragon

2016-09-02 15:29:07 N/A Finished drift missions 9/1 11 EST. Glider had trouble doing surface drift mission because it sank too fast. Got lots of 10-20 m drifts. dkaragon

2016-09-01 16:26:47 N/A Yo from 4.5 to 3 m off surface to try to get closer, struggling above thermocline (too heavy) so this will slow glider down but collect more climb data. dkaragon

2016-08-30 21:08:18 N/A 2 hour missions changed ubat to climbs,hovers not dive hover climb to save power dkaragon

2016-08-30 17:15:12 N/A 30 deg upcasts, help with ballast hopefully. dkaragon

2016-08-30 17:12:17 N/A Reconfigured TBD for important UBAT data. All science reporting at launch. dkaragon

2016-08-30 17:11:58 N/A Deployed by Oliver and Breece out of UDEL. A bit heavy but expected, no rain events allowed. dkaragon