Glider Project Deployed Recovered Days Distance Start/
End Voltage
Air Time POC Notes Payload KMZs Data Metadata
ru28-457 NJDEP/EPA 2015-08-18
15:06 GMT
13:42 GMT
21.94 497.5
15.36 Volts
11.16 Volts
Haldeman 18 ? kmzs

deployment Notes (18)  

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2015-09-09 18:39 GMT
deployment Recovered by Chip, Filipa and Mike Brown out of AC on DEP boat.
2015-09-09 09:43 GMT
deployment Likely low power related

science abort

s *.sbd *.tbd

1880623 44 db(#/min/mn/max/sd) buoyancy_pump 1800 -7.651 -2.071 6.588 5.977 cc
1880623 db(#/min/mn/max/sd) buoyancy_pump 1800 -16 -4 13 12 mV
SCI ERROR: timed out waiting for science to stop loggingGLD: ERROR pausing logging

Error from CmdDispatch():Error sending files
1880675 55 ERROR behavior surface_4: S COMMAND FAILED: s *.sbd *.tbd

Megabytes used on CF file system = 447.156250
Megabytes available on CF file system = 1550.812500
SCI ERROR: timed out waiting for science to stop logging1880798 84 ERROR behavior surface_4: Error from prepare_to_start_next_logging_segment()
1880798 behavior surface_4: STATE Active -> ERROR
1880798 ERROR behavior surface_4: Entered B_ERROR State
1880798 ERROR behavior ?_-1: layered_control(): The surface behavior entered B_ERROR state.
1880803 ERROR behavior ?_-1: abort_the_mission(0): (6)MS_ABORT_BEH_ERROR
2015-09-09 02:36 GMT
deployment Used chip's ping pong waypoints for overnight, will put on 1 or 1.5 hour before end of day.
2015-09-08 23:02 GMT
deployment Caught last surfacing to monitor - state 15 had science turning on all the time, so next surfacing state_to_sample is being backed down from 15 (all) to 7 (dive hover climb).
2015-09-08 22:05 GMT
deployment Added a couple new waypoints in close for recovery tomorrow morning.
2015-09-08 20:32 GMT
deployment !put u_science_low_power 30 (turns science off when not in use, but turns back on 30 seconds prior to sampling. Trying to find if we can get entirety of second cast.)
2015-09-05 14:31 GMT
deployment Changed tbdlist from every 3rd to every 1 to get 1st yo back too.
2015-09-04 20:31 GMT
deployment !put u_science_low_power 0 (turns science off when not in use)

Changed sampling to every 20th yo; approx. hourly profiles. ( 01, 27, and 48)

Recovery off Atlantic City planned for Wednesday.
2015-09-02 05:57 GMT
deployment Missed the hardcoded wpt on the goto update; all fixed and headed offshore now.
2015-09-01 23:33 GMT
deployment New goto added w/ additional 3 points north, ending outside of Atlantic City. Will pick up at next surfacing.
2015-09-01 14:08 GMT
deployment u_max_altimeter changed from 8 m to 5 m to get RU28 off the shoals.
2015-09-01 13:24 GMT
deployment No input for DEP and it hit onshore waypoint last night so gave it offshore reverse route waypoint.

Will need more beyond the current offshore!!
2015-08-27 17:56 GMT
deployment Just a note - RU28 is ballasted for 1021.25, which is a tad light for the offshore water (1025), but still seems to be flying fine.
2015-08-24 22:39 GMT
deployment Turned altimeter filter off as glider comes into shallow water near AC. (put u_alt_filter_enabled 0)
2015-08-20 02:26 GMT
deployment RU28's surfacing interval was set at 4800 seconds; unsure if this was a typo, crossed file, or an aneurysm on my part. Set this to 7200 seconds and let script handle transfer, which reset the goto behavior, sending it towards the first waypoint in the planned path. I am fixing this on the next surfacing, and RU28 will continue along its planned trajectory to the south.
2015-08-18 15:37 GMT
2015-08-18 15:41 GMT
deployment Loaded mission ru28.mi for altimeter settings; may need to watch and turn altimeter filter off again in shallows; also may need to investigate pitch angles.

Setting SENSOR u_alt_filter_enabled(bool) = 1.000000
2015-08-18 15:34 GMT
deployment Deployed this morning out of Belmar (Shark River) aboard NJDEP vessel by Nicole Waite and undergrads Sarah and Liam. Deployed near northern point, swimming toward 2nd waypoint due to error in goto_10. Adjusted to fix at next surfacing; will also go full depth, 2 hour missions. Ballasted to 1021.25; surface density 1020.8 according to glider CTD, but Nicole saw 1020 w/ SBE 19. Glider appears to be ballasted nicely. Deployment location: near 40 18.717N / -73 50.634W
2015-07-14 19:28 GMT
configuration Software version 7.16
CTD 103p
Optode 1504