Glider Project Deployed Recovered Days Distance Start/
End Voltage
Air Time POC Notes Payload KMZs Data Metadata
ru29-401 Challenger 2013-11-10
14:00 GMT
13:00 GMT
188.96 4719.5
11.30 Volts
11.12 Volts
24 ? kmzs

deployment Notes (24)  

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2014-05-15 03:21 GMT
deployment +-200 cc from full throw, stepping in to 80 m iso
2014-05-09 17:33 GMT
deployment Abort was for sampling at 200 m. Script was off and yo for 150 m was missed. Resequenced to 150 m, 3 hours, and ELINE to Ubatuba. Also turned CC back on after making the turn off the shelf.
2014-05-08 13:16 GMT
deployment Coming on shelf, favorable currents caused problems with CC on, turned it off for a few segments and now coming back on shelf with CC back on again.

Full speed.
2014-05-06 13:52 GMT
deployment Sped glider back up a bit on path along 300 m iso.

Also 1 digifin warning issued during segment:
ru29-2014-077-1-153 (0137.0153)
Will need to investigate, likely shoreside.
2014-05-05 21:11 GMT
deployment Many changes: single yo altimeter test, defaults for u_alt_min_depth and u_low_power_cycle_time. Afterwards several yos 250 to 25 m at reduced pump throw, -210/165 cc. We hit a favorable current and staying along what little shelf break we have left.

Digifin warning noticed previously, will investigate.
2014-05-05 03:01 GMT
deployment Altimeter was not picking up the bottom, fixed depth to 600 m. Diagnostics shows c_alt_time = 0.

Only doing 4 yo's, was doing 40 off bottom, now doing 600 m or 40 off.
2014-04-30 14:11 GMT
deployment CC turned on next surfacing.
2014-04-16 17:42 GMT
deployment Final approach to Ubatuba, Brazil. Fishing 50-100 m and along the 500 m iso. Added new bathy to vectors link.

Speeding up glider by 100 cc from -200, +175 (375 cc) to -260, +215 (475 cc)

(slight adjustment to equalize dive & climb vertical velocity.

(max is 520 cc)
2014-03-26 20:08 GMT
deployment 12k inflections, and we do about 17/day, so we have 470 days left. It is pressure independent so doesn't matter that 2k of ours were shallow.

de_pump has been flawless oddities wise for this mission and overall not too bad for the last mission. Silbo hinted at a problem in this department so so far so good there.

Digifin diagnostics unfortunately didn't show if there was a problem in the SA to Ascension leg, so that problem cropped up quickly out of the blue. So far nothing on this deployment, but we would know about it just as fast as the glider did. We average about 10 oddities/day both deployments.
2014-03-19 12:23 GMT
deployment Underwater reset, 32, loaded mission ru29_def.mi and resequenced.
2014-03-18 19:10 GMT
deployment As of 3/17 sampling up and downcast CTD.
2014-03-17 14:11 GMT
deployment Sampling the eddy: 'Don Quixote'
2014-01-29 14:42 GMT
deployment Back on 5 yo's.

Instant gain up to .5 from .3 (tried it after the reset). Preliminary results look good.

We should discuss a more proper mission for post-reset situations. Perhaps:
1) Single yo to 200 m with no science? Just to keep it off the surface, but still hear from it occasionally. Ends with an abort (to get a text from phone).
2014-01-28 15:56 GMT
deployment Underwater reset, segment ru29_2013_342_0_168, surfaced in lastgasp.mi after having aborted overtime for initial.mi. Was calling TWR dockserver at this point, iridium comms were a bit unstable but once mission ended it did better.
Reset reason = 32 software watchdog

Re-sequenced on 3 yo's. Re-loaded ru29_def.mi
2014-01-15 01:39 GMT
deployment Possible interacted with on segment ru29_2013_342_0_113

Heavy positive fin usage near end of dive.
2013-12-10 15:25 GMT
2013-12-10 15:28 GMT
deployment Forgot to set u_iridium_failover_retries to 10 after testing. Resulted in calling TWR again, but script sent it right back. Script should set sensor at next surfacing.
2013-12-09 16:27 GMT
2013-12-09 16:30 GMT
deployment Glider began calling TWR modem, switched back to RU DS.
2013-12-09 16:27 GMT
2013-12-09 16:30 GMT
deployment edit: .37 instead of .35 f_fin_safety_max

f_fin_safety_max = .37 --> 20 deg of fin to help preserve any future fin problems like last leg

TWR is now backup again, failover retries 10
2013-12-01 17:33 GMT
deployment 5 yo's
2013-11-15 19:26 GMT
deployment Initial downcast CTD only, no more intial dive & climb CTD.
2013-11-14 15:32 GMT
deployment Been flying 400 cc ballast up to this point, -200/+200 cc @ 26 deg. Steering gains were PID = .5, 8E-4, 3. This worked OK, but large deviations post inflection. We need about -7 deg fin to stay straight, what is interesting is that last mission we needed + 7-10 deg, so it swapped signs...

From now forward:
375 cc ballast, -200,+175 @ 26 deg
PID = .5, 8E-4, 3 @ fin_offset -.12 rad = ~ 7 deg

We will see how that does, but we *might need to raise the instant gain or the integral gain because of the deviations post-inflection.
2013-11-11 02:41 GMT
deployment Glider heading NW to get away from island and no file transfers to avoid fish eggs. At 7 GMT time it will take 2 yo's to 800 m to bring surfacing to about 12 GMT.

As of that surfacings, +- 200 cc ballast, u_alt_min_depth 1050, low power mode already set to 30 sec, CTD sampling up and down first yo only, and waypoint changed to due west.
2013-11-11 02:40 GMT
deployment Some iridium issues at deployment:
1) RU Rudics was not connecting although I was able to DUPE in as glider, will re-check tomorrow
2) TWR DS was not able to transfer file, could be file permissions, need to re-check once RUDICS works.
2013-11-11 02:39 GMT
deployment Deployed by Chip Haldeman, Scott Glenn, and Chuck Belmonte off Ascension Island Fishing Charters.