Glider Project Deployed Recovered Days Distance Start/
End Voltage
Air Time POC Notes Payload KMZs Data Metadata
silbo-214 Challenger 2011-06-23
12:15 GMT
23:50 GMT
163.48 3940.7
11.23 Volts
8.49 Volts
50 ? kmzs

deployment Notes (50)  

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2012-02-23 19:02 GMT
2012-02-23 19:02 GMT
deployment Dataset workup:

Have all dbds & ebds (01420000-01770016) from beginning of deployment until glider was picked up on 2011-11-16, just N of the Azores. After that,data is very spotty.
2011-12-05 14:01 GMT
deployment Glider recovered due to low battery voltage. Redeployment to be determined.
2011-11-22 03:36 GMT
configuration two yo's to 980m initiated - new waypoint
2011-11-21 21:43 GMT
deployment !put u_alt_min_depth 1100
!put u_use_current_correction 0
2011-11-19 13:39 GMT
configuration too much to probably summarize here...will leave it at that we are underway again.

diving to 980
!put u_alt_min_depth 500
2011-11-14 18:24 GMT
deployment Turned off science to get an idea of change in energy consumption:
use - science_super
2011-11-11 20:35 GMT
deployment Turned off full drive, making decent progress.
New yo file, still 4 yos to 300m.

put c_climb_bpump 212.5
put c_dive_bpump -87.5
2011-11-09 21:31 GMT
2011-11-09 21:31 GMT
deployment Turned on full drive (still diving to 300m):
!put c_dive_bpump -1000
!put c_climb_bpump 1000
new yo file
2011-11-08 21:35 GMT
deployment After leak abort at 650m (2011-11-08T16:34:59), we kept glider at surface.

At 2011-11-08T21:30:00, run leif.mi:
changed yo depth to 300m
set c_leakdetect_time 0
loadmission waterclr.mi
2011-11-05 21:41 GMT
deployment Silbo aborted around 07:00 EST for a leak detect in the aft compartment.

ABORT HISTORY: total since reset: 18
ABORT HISTORY: last abort cause: MS_ABORT_LEAK
ABORT HISTORY: last abort details: There is a leak in the aft compartment.
ABORT HISTORY: last abort time: 2011-11-05T10:17:30
ABORT HISTORY: last abort segment: silbo-2011-305-0-19 (0169.0019)
ABORT HISTORY: last abort mission: LEIF.MI

At 940m on the second dive of segment 2011-305-0-19, the aft end leak detector detected a leak. A leak is defined as voltage lower than 2.0 V.
The data resolution was infrequent for this sensor (~60 secs). We were able to see from data a low voltage reading (~1.2 V) around the time of the abort. There were no other readings < 2.0 V as the glider
surfaced, however, in the surface dialog we saw the following sensor value:
sensor:m_leakdetect_voltage(volts)=1.15299145299145 54.152 secs ago
By the time I was able to get to the glider, the leakdetect voltage was back above 2.5

It is possible then that no other low voltages were recorded due to the low recording frequency for this sensor, or another anomaly.

##Actions taken:
17:30 EST
Running a single yo to 30m with the following configuration:

Added sensors to the SBD/MBD lists:

put c_leakdetect_time 0 (was 60)
New leif.mi mission, with overtime = 7200
New, single yo to 30m.

2011-11-04 19:20 GMT
2011-11-04 19:20 GMT
deployment 2011-Nov-03
Deleted a number of files to clear up space.
!del C:\sentlogs\*.*
!del C:\logs\0162001*.dbd/mlg
!del C:\logs\0163001*.dbd/mlg
!del C:\logs\0164001*.dbd/mlg

Deleted the following files:
!del C:\logs\0155001*.dbd/mlg
!del C:\logs\0155003*.dbd/mlg
!del C:\logs\0155005*.dbd/mlg
!del C:\logs\0155007*.dbd/mlg

!del C:\logs\0152001*.dbd/mlg
!del C:\logs\0152003*.dbd/mlg
!del C:\logs\0152005*.dbd/mlg

!del C:\logs\0151001*.dbd/mlg
!del C:\logs\0151003*.dbd/mlg

!del C:\logs\0149001*.dbd/mlg

!del C:\logs\0148001*.dbd/mlg
!del C:\logs\0148003*.dbd/mlg
!del C:\logs\0148005*.dbd/mlg
!del C:\logs\0148007*.dbd/mlg
!del C:\logs\0148009*.dbd/mlg
!del C:\logs\0148011*.dbd/mlg
2011-11-02 14:14 GMT
deployment cycled air pump solenoid several times
2011-10-26 18:01 GMT
deployment Glider aborted due to MS_NOINPUT()
New yo (single yo) and new waypoint
Modified leif.mi, removing u_use_current_correction sensor (was = 0).
sequence leif.mi(5)
2011-10-14 18:04 GMT
deployment put u_use_current_correction 1
2011-10-11 17:19 GMT
deployment Changed climb target depth to 25m

New sbdlist and mbdlist (in archive)
2011-10-10 00:52 GMT
deployment New yo file:
c_target_depth(m) 200
d_speed_min(m/s) 0.04
c_speed_min(m/s) -0.04
2011-09-30 18:48 GMT
deployment !put u_alt_min_depth 1000


861281 27 sensor: u_alt_min_depth = 1000 m
2011-09-28 15:32 GMT
deployment Changed:
676927 85 sensor: u_alt_min_depth = 450 m
2011-09-25 23:15 GMT
deployment Changed back to reduced drive.
2011-09-22 22:32 GMT
deployment put c_climb_bpump 1000
put c_dive_bpump -1000
new yo file read with appropriate battpos

2011-09-21 12:50 GMT
deployment New waypoints:
-2200.000 3900.000
-1708.000 3303.500
2011-09-20 19:28 GMT
deployment Changed c_iridium_no_char_timeout from 11 minutes to 15 minutes.
Cycled solenoid several times (c_air_pump -1, 1 ) to help with air pump

sequence leif.mi(5)
2011-09-19 13:14 GMT
deployment New waypoints:
-2700.000 3900.000
-1708.000 3303.500
2011-09-17 13:38 GMT
2011-09-17 13:38 GMT
deployment Aborted for deadman last night, 9/16,17
This morning aborted for iridium

Looks like script might not be set correctly? Or that it just sat at surface with no commands to it.

file xfer and callback 5 performed, will let it autosequence in case someone wants to grab it.
2011-09-16 12:36 GMT
deployment cycled solenoid a few times.
2011-09-12 17:05 GMT
deployment new waypoints:
-2200.000 3900.000
-1708.000 3303.500
2011-09-09 17:07 GMT
deployment Imagery processing back up
2011-09-08 20:00 GMT
deployment Glider aborted due to Iridium timeout error. This appears to have been due to the Dockserver XML script, not the glider. Downloaded files and resequenced leif 4 times.
2011-09-04 21:48 GMT
deployment New waypoint:
-2655.000 3748.000
-1708.000 3303.500
2011-09-02 19:15 GMT
deployment New yo file in to-glider:
dive battpos = 0.4, climb = 0.05
Reduced the minimum vertical speed to +/- 0.04 m/s

2011-09-02 00:21 GMT
2011-09-02 00:21 GMT
deployment 2011-09-01 09:00 lcooney
silbo-2011-236-0-40: Changed to using full drive and pitch servo, only performing one yo. On next surfacing, will calculate the avg battpos, and go back to 2 yos and constant battpos. The following commands were sent:

!sbd + m_battpos
!put c_climb_bpump 1000
!put c_dive_bpump -1000

2011-09-01 13:20 EST lcooney
silbo-2011-236-0-42: After examining the battpos from the previous yo w/ servo, commanded back to 2 yos with full drive, battpos = 0.06 for dive, 0.194 for climb.

2011-09-01 20:19 EST lcooney
after 2 yos, changed back to using the partial drive, and old yo file with 0.1 inch battpos is saved in archive,
!put c_climb_bpump 212.5
!put c_dive_bpump -87.5
2011-08-25 14:17 GMT
deployment Changed the following at 8-25-11 13:45 surface:

new waypoints:
-2455.000 3748.000
-1708.000 3303.500

increase from 300 to 600 wait for gps time on pitch not command surface

changed the pitch battery placement by .1 inch for dive and climb to result in shallower dive and climb angles

cycled solenoid a number of times

sequence mission 5 times
2011-08-09 00:07 GMT
deployment new waypoints:
-1900.000 5030.000
-2455.000 3748.000
-1708.000 3303.500
2011-07-31 15:01 GMT
2011-07-31 15:01 GMT
2011-07-09 14:02 GMT
2011-07-09 14:01 GMT
deployment New yo file in to-glider directory. Changed d_pitch_value from 0.4 to 0.5 (dive pitch angle has been shallow lately).
c_speed_min(m/s) from -0.08 to -0.17

Also changed waypoints to:
-2300.000 4943.711
-1708.000 3303.500

2011-07-08 23:00 EST
Changed c_speed_min(m/s) from -0.17 to -0.15 (was hitting -0.17 too early in the climb)

2011-07-09 09:55 EST
Changed c_speed_min from -0.15 back to -0.17, and commanded c_depth_rate_avg_num 40. Hopefully this will cause speed control to kick in later.
2011-07-05 19:33 GMT
configuration stopped mission and restarted sequenced 3 times. current correction off again.
2011-07-05 19:31 GMT
2011-07-05 19:30 GMT
deployment TWRC Firewall issues preventing silbo from updating at (glider was connecting to dockserver ok) (7/2/2011 @ 11:39pm):


TWR is having firewall trouble... Silbo flying well and not overdue. More tomorrow about moving waypoints.

2011-06-30 20:33 GMT
configuration !put u_use_current_correction 1
!put u_alt_min_depth 1000

Printed warning dialog to log
2011-06-28 14:52 GMT
configuration the following waypoints are waiting for the next surfacing:

-2405.000 6225.000
-2204.230 6305.536

heading south west of present location to hopefully find less or southerly current indicated by HYCOM data
2011-06-27 20:01 GMT
deployment Stopped leif.mi
Uploaded new sbdlist and mbdlist (in archive directory as 20110627T194022XXX)
Restarted leif.mi
2011-06-27 12:24 GMT
configuration stop mission edited:
sensor: u_alt_min_depth(m) 750
changed mafile for 4 half yo's (2 deep dives)
increased no comms surface to 8.5 hours
restarted mission sequenced 3 times
2011-06-26 19:28 GMT
2011-06-26 19:26 GMT
deployment !put u_alt_min_depth to 325 at 16:14 surface

I have been running numbers at each surfacing to compare the most recent leg against the rest of the journey. This comparison uses a direct path to the Canaries and also assumes that we can apply the last segment data to the remainder (both poor assumptions). So with that said here are the most recent results:
segment speed kh 1.243620607
total hrs remain at segment usage 3140.025165
remaining coulomb amp/hrs 700.0713744
coulomb amphr needed at segment rate -470.1823208
days required at segment speed 130.8343819
days of energy available at present c/d -194.8040185

total reserve energy base on last segment usage% 32.8379451

That said the glider is flying into pretty unfavorable currents at the moment if this were to continue and we use the same calculations and instead of using distance over segment we use distance made good towards Canaries over the same segment the results look much worse (path planning will be come critical this week):
segment speed kh 0.487481945
total hrs remain at segment usage 8010.553086
remaining coulomb amp/hrs 700.0713744
coulomb amphr needed at segment rate -1199.487343
days required at segment speed 333.7730453
days of energy available at present c/d -194.8040185

total reserve energy base on last segment usage% -71.3378645

2011-06-25 15:43 GMT
2011-06-25 15:42 GMT
deployment Autoballast completed. Running glider with:
- 6 half yos
- dive ballast=-87.5, climb=212.5.
- dive battpos=0.4, climb = -0.05 (may need to tune these.)
New file in archive:

As well, changed the altimeter depth u_alt_min_depth to 225

2011-06-24 19:00 GMT
deployment Began Autoballast routine. Vehicle should now be surfacing after 2 half-yos.
-Ended leif.mi.
-Uploaded new config.srf, mbdlist.dat, reduced sbdlist.dat,reinitab.mi (to reinitalize Autoballast) and new Autoballast (all in archive: 20110624T185233_...)
-Changed f_battpos_deadzone_width from 0.2 to 0.1 (can consider changing this back...but if we are going to consistently use const battpos, then it's not an issue.)
-Running leif.mi again, with Autoballast enabled.
2011-06-24 14:38 GMT
2011-06-24 14:36 GMT
deployment TWR network was down over night (23Jun2011 19:24 EST - 24Jun2011 09:24 EST). Both rudics and modem were unreachable. Glider called in over alternate number. Sent the command to call back over primary (c_iridium_current_num 0). Sent all tbd files, but only most recent sbd (silbo-2011-173-5-16.sbd) was sent. SBD's gathered during the down time (173-5-11 thru 173-5-15) were manually moved to the sentlogs directory.
Glider is now on its way with revised leif.mi and gotol10 (in archive)
2011-06-23 18:50 GMT
2011-06-23 18:47 GMT
deployment Auto-refreshing HYCOM forecast for Google Earth:
2011-06-23 18:23 GMT
deployment Teledyne Webb Research, Rutgers University, PLOCAN, NOC partnership deployment.
2011-06-23 18:22 GMT
configuration Lithium batteries
2011-06-23 18:22 GMT