Glider Project Deployed Recovered Days Distance Start/
End Voltage
Air Time POC Notes Payload KMZs Data Metadata
ru26d-111 CaRA 2010-03-21
15:00 GMT
14:16 GMT
9.97 227.0
11.16 Volts
11.11 Volts
17 ? kmzs

deployment Notes (17)  

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2010-05-18 13:53 GMT
2010-05-18 14:17 GMT
configuration Payload:
Aandera oxygen optode - SN 1024
2010-04-01 19:50 GMT
deployment Multiple favors (thanks Captain Ron!) called in and a few legal hammers wielded...

RU26d released from captivitiy on April Fool's Day (really!).

'Free at last, free at last, thank god almighty I'm free at last!'
- Martin Luther King Jr.
2010-04-01 02:58 GMT
deployment Glider calls in; cxn shaky but .sbd's tx'ed. Currently being held ransom; $1000.00 will set it free.
2010-03-31 20:32 GMT
deployment Set to dive two yo's and gave a new waypoint towards St. Croix.

Unfortunately glider appears to have been picked up by a boat and is not calling in. Tracking ARGOS to try and determine location.
2010-03-31 14:38 GMT
deployment Changed dive depth to 970 meters, it appears to overshoot by 20 meters.

Changed to battpos flying. noticed on dives gain is likely too high and its moving battery around a lot causing 5 deg pitch fluctuations on the dives.
2010-03-30 18:05 GMT
deployment attempted the new sbdlist again using dave's work around. involved exiting mission, sending new sbdlist and then doing an exit reset. re-sequenced mission will know the result at next surfacing.
2010-03-30 16:10 GMT
deployment sbd bug noticed seems centralized about sbd command

next note will be workaround for it and see if sbd problem is resolved
2010-03-27 02:30 GMT
deployment sbd transfer issue seems to be resolved. glider is transferring sbd's using the script.

increased to 2 yo's as well as surfac40 to 7 hours and surfac41 to 8 hours.
2010-03-26 17:55 GMT
deployment continued testing of the sbd transfer issue...

I was able to successfully transfer an sbd using the s command. Since this worked I moved all prior sbd's into the sent logs folder and deleted them from the logs folder.

I modified the sbdlist so we are now sampling on dive, hover, climb with a sample rate of 25 seconds which will give us 5m resolution.

I switched back to our normal script and at next surfacing will see how big the new sbdlist is as well as if it can transfer an sbd on its own.

If all goes well will increase to 2 yo's.
2010-03-26 15:39 GMT
deployment Glider was checked out and ballasted by Haldeman and Haskins. Deployed using the Deep Thinker, multiple boat days were necessary (3/17, 3/19, 3/20, and 3/21). Crew consisted of Capt. Ron, Chip Haldeman, Tina Haskins, Tod Patterson, Scott Lazes, and Stephen Beeston.
2010-03-26 02:45 GMT
configuration First generation G2 glider.
1000m depth rating.
2010-03-25 19:06 GMT
deployment started trouble shooting sbd transfer issue hence the extended call in time.

executed !send 00970034.sbd and transfer was successful.

will continue troubleshooting and updating
2010-03-22 18:06 GMT
deployment Strange bug in SBD xfer.
s *.sbd

caused a beh_error. The complaint was science was still logging and the send was not carried through.

need to investigate more and on simulator, for now halted sbd transfers
2010-03-22 12:15 GMT
deployment Pitch battery was not fastened to the pitch motor. The battery shifted backwards in the glider and caused the glider to descend tail first.
2010-03-20 19:00 GMT
configuration COP Tickle issues. Email from John Dingess with workaround:

> It appears that the G-2 board is not reading the board revision junmpers,
> therefore is defaulting to the no cop tickle timeout, which is 6300 secs
> in masterdata.
> you need to include in your mission:
> behavior: abend
> b_arg: no_cop_tickle_percent(%) -1 #this will disable the
> reading of the board jumpers, just in case
> b_arg: no_cop_tickle_for(sec) 50400 # 14 hrs
> you can cbhange the device warning limits for the attitude sensor, also in
> your mission:
> at the head of the mission file (before behavior_abend)
> use attitude_rev 1 -1 20 10
> this will change the defaults as follows:
> attitude_rev 1 means use the device
> -1 means the glider will always attempt to put the device back into
> service (the default is 3 times)
> 20 is the allowable warnings per segment before an error is generated
> and the device is taken out of service (default is also 20)
> 10 is the allowable warnings per minute befor and error is generated
> and the device is taken out of service (default is 5)
> attached is a writeup on aborts and device limits....good reading when you
> have time
2010-03-17 15:46 GMT
configuration RUDICS
2010-03-17 15:44 GMT
configuration Configuraton as delivered from TWRC.
Glider was shipped directory to St. Thomas, USVI for checkout deployments.