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Welcome to the Jensen lab, in the Department of Marine & Coastal Sciences at Rutgers University. We study fisheries and aquatic ecosystems - including marine, estuarine, and freshwater environments. The word fishery refers to an entire social-ecological system including a wild fish or invertebrate population, as well as the fishermen and processors who harvest and sell the fish (in a commercial fishery), and the managers who regulate the fishery to prevent overharvest. Our research ranges from field studies of endangered salmonids in Mongolia to meta-analysis of stock assessment data to better understand fish population dynamics. If you're interested in learning more about what we do, please follow the Research link on the sidebar to the left.

What's new:

July 2015: New paper by Talia Young finds greater variability in food web connections in space than in time in Lake Hovsgol, Mongolia

May 2015: Congratulations to Chris Free for passing his qualifying exams!

April 2015: New Bayesian mixing model for stable isotope and fatty acid data. Paper and R package. Neubauer and Jensen 2015.

April 2015: Welcome to Mike McCann and Abigail Poray! Both joining us soon.

June 2014: New paper by Chris Free shows high levels of microplastic pollution in Lake Hovsgol, a remote Mongolian mountain lake






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