Student Internships

Undergraduate interns work with us most summers. Some are funded by federal grants. A limited number of 10 week undergraduate internships are offered by Rutgers University in the summer months. Some students engage in projects with a Pineland Station mentor for college credit at Rutgers or at their home institution; and others come just for research experience.

Most students are set specific projects that they are able to see from start to finish and become involved in planning, data collection and data analysis.

For more details on these programs, contact the Director, John Dighton.

Undergraduate Interns

Emily Waters (Hampshire College, MA) NSF Finland project
Domenic Antolik  (Rutgers Camden) NSF Finland project
Zachary Borden (Rutgers Camden) NSF Finland project
Matthew Verosloff (Rutgers University) NSF Finland project

Emily Waters (Hampshire College, MA)
Iveth (Rosa) Mejia (Union County College)
Christina Homer (U. California – recent graduate)
Melissa Kendall (Rutgers recent grad)
Brian Lallier (Rutgers Camden) NSF Finland project
Sarah Smith (Rutgers Camden) NSF Finland project
Katalin Malcolm (Rutgers Camden) NSF Finland project
Lauren Quast (Philadelphia University) NSF Finland project
Krystle Frederick (William Patterson University) REU Student
Jonathan Swanson (Gloucester County College, NJ - Drexel University) REU Student

Amelia Min-Venditti (Rice University, TX) REU student
Andrew Cortese (SUNY ESF) REU Student
Melanie Maghirang (Rutgers Camden) NSF Finland project
William Johnson (Rutgers Camden) NSF Finland project
Elizabeth Stedman (Rutgers Camden) NSF Finland project

Kimberley Donat (Rutgers, Camden) and REU student
Erin Gutilla (Mills College, CA) REU student
Cierra Allen (Rutgers, Camden)
Laurel Sturner (York College, PA) summer intern for York credits

Alice Zelman (Rutgers, Cook College, New Brunswick)
Andre Gabriel (Rutgers Camden)

Jennifer Oberle (Rutgers, Cook College, New Brunswick)
Veronica Kane (Rutgers, Camden)

Steven Schultz (The College of New Jersey)
Sylvia Tadros (Rutgers, Camden)

Riina Moshe (Rutgers, Camden)
Behnaum Shahrokh (Rutgers, Camden)
Sarah Hart (Mount Allsion University, Canada)
Vanessa McGowan (Rutgers, Cook College, New Brunswick)

Tiffany Mauro (Drew University)
Elena Tartaglia (Drew University)
Aaron Love (Rutgers Cook ) G. H. Cook honors thesis

Katherine Murnen (Swarthmore University)
Jaimie Hall (Alfred University)
Eric Cohen (Stockton Cololege)

Mary Ann Palmer (Rutgers, Cook College)
Lori Smith (Shepherd University)
George Knoll (Rowan College)
Stacey Wallace (Rowan College)
Steve Wilson (Rutgers Camden)

Ivy Koelliker (Rutgers, Cook College, New Brunswick)
Zhiling Gau   (Swarthmore University)
Ingrid Kaszas  (Swarthmore University)
Jessica Williams  (Swarthmore University)
Justin Gray     (Albright College)


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