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Spring 2010 IMCS Weekly Seminar Series PDF Print E-mail
Date Speaker/Affliation Seminar Title Host Professor Host Student
January 25, 2010
Rutgers/Princeton seminar on Jan. 27 @ IMCS (see below)
February 1, 2010
Parker MacCready
University of Washington

Fundamentals of Estuarine Circulation
 Bob Chant
 Joe Jurisa
Febuary 8, 2010   Anand Gnandasekian
Princeton Univeristy

Physical-biological coupling in the open ocean: Some new results with circulation models
Liz Sikes
Yi Xu
February 15, 2010
Graduate Student Laura Palamara Rutgers University IMCS
 Developing Ecological Indicators for Fisheries Management using IOOS
Defined Habitat Characteristics in the Mid-Atlantic Bight /
February 22, 2010
Ocean Science Meeting
March 1, 2010   Chris Charles

Holocene evolution of the El Niño/Southern Oscillation phenomenon Rob Sherrell Eleni Anagnostou
March 8, 2010   Mary-Elena Carr

Questioning Climate Change: science, the echo chamber, and political legal inquiries John Wilkin
Travis Miles
March 15, 2010
Spring break
March 22, 2010   Hugh Ducklow

Palmer Station Antarctica: Rapid Climate Change and Impacts from Microbes to Penguin Graduate students
Eleni Anagnostou/ Peter Zhang/ Mike Garzio
March 29, 2010   James Harrington
Rutgers University

Scientific Misconduct: the good, the bad, and the ugly
April 5, 2010

Graduate Student Kate Korotky

(Stephen Monismith
Standford University --postponed)

  The effects of sand fences and beach raking on beach and dune dimensions, Avalon, NJ
 Graduate Students  
April 12, 2010   Mark Cane

Decadal Prediction and Predictibility in the Tropical Pacific Yair Rosenthal
Julie Fliegler
April 19, 2010   Ed Boyle

Iron in the Tropical North Atlantic Ocean: Dust Leads to Enriched Fe:C in Decomposing Plankton Rob Sherrell
Donglai Gong
April 23 (Friday), 2010   Katrina Edwards
U Southern California

Intraterrestrial Microbial Life Below the Bottom of the Ocean
Fred Grassle
Lauren Seyler
April 26, 2010   Kira Lawrence

North Atlantic Climate Evolution Through the Plio-Pleistocene Climate Transitions Liz Sikes
Anna Hermes
May 3,
Dallas Murphy
The Meridional Overturning Circulation...and the Rest of Us Silke Severmann
Livia Montone
May 10,

Chris Chambers

NOAA Sandy Hook

Early life history characteristics of fishes as Indicators of fitness and habitat quality Cisco Werner Matt Yergey