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IMCS Seminars PDF Print E-mail
IMCS Seminars
Philip Alampi Auditorium @ Marine and Coastal Sciences Building
71 Dudley Road, (corner of College Farm and Dudley Rd)
on Rutgers Cook Campus in New Brunswick
Refreshment will be served

If you wish to schedule a meeting with the seminar speakers, please contact the seminar series organizers: Jack McSweeney and Sushmita Patwardhan.

Unless otherwise noted, seminars are held on Monday at 3:45 PM. Refreshment will be served beginning at 3:30 PM.

Watch Live Streaming Video of Seminars Occuring at IMCS HERE  

Spring 2015 Weekly Seminar Series PDF Print E-mail
DateSpeaker/AffliationSeminar TitleHost ProfessorHost Student
Adina Paytan (UC Santa Cruz)


 2/2/2015  Vincent Saba (NOAA/GFDL)

Climate Change in the U.S. Northeast Shelf: Observations and Projections

 2/9/2015  Piero Mazzini (DMCS Postdoc)


 2/6/2015  Ryan Batt (DMCS Postdoc)


 2/23/2015  Peter Franks (UC San Diego)


 3/2/2015  Andreas Teske (University of North Carolina Chapel Hill)


 3/9/2015  Peter Winsor (University of Alaska Fairbanks)


 3/16/2015  SPRING BREAK


 3/23/2015  Tobias Kukulka (University of Delaware)


 3/30/2015  Jon Hare (NOAA)


 4/6/2015  Huan Qiu (DMCS Postdoc) 


 4/13/2015  Bob Steneck (University of Maine)


 4/20/2015  Josh Roerig (University of Oregon) 


 4/27/2015  Baylor Fox-Kemper (Brown)


 5/4/2015  Monica Medina (Penn State)


 5/11/2015  Sergio Fagherazzi (Boston University)


Fall 2014 Weekly Seminar Series PDF Print E-mail
DateSpeaker/AffliationSeminar TitleHost ProfessorHost Student

Sept. 15 

New IMCS Postdocs and Graduate Students Welcome Back Event  Silke Severmann -----

Sept. 22

Kat Allen / IMCS

Deep ocean carbonate chemistry since the last ice age: Insight from fossil foraminifera

Liz Sikes -----

Sept. 29

Carolyn Kousky / Resources for the Future Financing Natural Disasters  Bob Kopp
Sarah Sexton

Oct. 6

Julia Baum / University of Victoria Coral Reef Macroecology in a Changing World Olaf Jensen Chris Free

Oct. 13 

Gordon Taylor / Stony Brook Confessions from the Cariaco Basin: Climate Change,OMZs and Other Tales Lee Kerkhof  Sushmita Patwardhan

Oct. 20

Jim Holden / U. Mass. Amherst Modeling growth and methane production by high-temperature methanogens in hydrothermal regions of the subseafloor Costa Vetriani Sushmita Patwardhan

Oct. 27

Joe Waren / Stony Brook University Whale gulps around the world: Using active acoustics to understand  the foraging behavior of Humpback and Right whales on fish and zooplankton Heidi Fuchs
Kaycee Coleman

Nov. 3

Courtney Harris / VIMS

Sediment dynamics of the Waipaoa Continental Shelf, New Zealand: insights from Numerical Models

Bob Chant
Jack McSweeney

Nov. 10 

David Lund / University of Connecticut Oceanic outgassing of of CO2 during the last deglaciation:  Does radiocarbon evidence support a deep Pacific source? Liz Sikes
Lauren Weisel

Nov. 17

Marc Mangel / UC Santa Cruz Ectotherms in Changing Environments: Working in Pasteur’s Quadrant John Wiedenmann Chris Free

Nov. 18

Marc Mangel (11AM, special seminar)
Whaling in the Antarctic: Australia v. Japan. New Zealand Intervening. John Wiedenmann Chris Free

Nov. 24

Nicholas Nidzieko / Horn Point Laboratory Some physics of estuarine ecosystem metabolism ----- Fernando Pareja

Dec. 1

Douglas Jerolmack / University of Pennsylvania How river deltas are built Ben Horton
Jack McSweeney

Dec. 8 

Bob Lowell / Virginia Tech

Modeling Seafloor Hydrothermal Systems from Mid-Ocean Ridges to Lost City

----- Guangyu Xu