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IMCS Seminars PDF Print E-mail
IMCS Seminars
Philip Alampi Auditorium @ Marine and Coastal Sciences Building
71 Dudley Road, (corner of College Farm and Dudley Rd)
on Rutgers Cook Campus in New Brunswick
Refreshment will be served

If you wish to schedule a meeting with the seminar speakers, please contact the seminar series organizers:  This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it , and Chris Free.

Unless otherwise noted, seminars are held on Monday at 3:45 PM. Refreshment will be served beginning at 3:30 PM.

Watch Live Streaming Video of Seminars Occuring at IMCS HERE  

Spring 2014 Weekly Seminar Series PDF Print E-mail
DateSpeaker/AffliationSeminar TitleHost ProfessorHost Student

Jan. 13

Chari Pattiaratchi / IMCS Sea level variability over a range of temporal scales   
Jan. 20
(Martin Luther King Jr. Day)
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Jan. 27

Jessica Fitzsimmons / IMCS

Distal transport of dissolved hydrothermal iron in the deep South Pacific Ocean: a verification of the "leaky vent" hypothesis


Feb. 3

Anne Salomon  / Simon Fraser University

What Factors Confer Resilience to Coupled Human-Ocean Systems?  Olaf Jensen Talia Young
Feb. 10

Joanie Kleypas  / NCAR

How things have changed: 15 years of ocean acidification research on coral reefs  Enrique Curchitser Jeana Drake
Feb. 17


----- -----  ----- 
Feb. 24

(Ocean Sciences)


----- -----
Mar. 3

Sarah Green  / Michigan Tech

Global Policy Change: shaping international action for the environment Liz Sikes  Julie Kalansky 
Mar. 10

Mike Lomas  / Bigelow

Do we have the BIO in biogeochemistry correct? 

Kay Bidle  Christien Laber 
Mar. 17

(Spring Break)

 -----  -----  -----
Mar. 24

Andy Moore  / UC Santa Cruz

A 30-year Historical Analysis of the California Current Circulation using 4D-Var Data Assimilation  John Wilkin Jack McSweeney
Mar. 31

Jennifer Biddle / University of Delaware  

The marine deep biosphere: letting sequences tell the story  Lee Kerkhof  Lauren Seyler  
Apr. 7

Becca Barnes / IMCS     

Salt marsh influence on the composition and bioavailability of organic matter in a temperate estuary, Delaware, USA

Apr. 14

Phillip Orton  / Stevens Institute of Technology

Modeling NY/NJ Harbor Flood Hazards and Influences of Barriers and Natural Systems   Oscar Schofield Greg Seroka
Apr. 21

Tal Ben-Horin  / IMCS (Haskins Marine Lab)

The emergence and persistence of Dermo disease in
mid-Atlantic estuaries 


Apr. 28

Melanie Fewings / University of Connecticut

  Bob Chant
Jack McSweeney
May 5

Ning Lin / Princeton

  Ben Horton
Guangyu Xu 
May 12
Eileen Hofmann / Old Dominion University
    Alex Lopez 
Fall 2013 Weekly Seminar Series PDF Print E-mail
DateSpeaker/AffliationSeminar TitleHost ProfessorHost Student

Diane Adams, IMCS

Marine Science, Management, and Policy through U.S. International Aid and Development 



Meredith HastingsBrown University 

It's not just fossil fuel: New insights into N deposition to the North Atlantic   Becca Barnes Lauren Weisel

Arthur MillerScripps- UCSD

Isolating mesoscale coupled ocean-atmosphere interactions in the Kuroshio Extension region  Enrique Churchitser  Jack McSweeney

Jozef Nissimov, IMCS

Ecological and functional biodiversity in a marine algal-virus system: genotypes, phenotypes and their ecological significance     

Dave JohnstonDuke University

10:00 am - New publishing/new pedagogies: How online media and mobile devices are changing the way we think about publishing, teaching, and community engagement


3:45 pm - Applying advanced wildlife telemetry to study the ecology of seals and cetaceans in a rapidly changing world 

Oscar Schofield   Kaycee Coleman

Hollie PutnamUniversity of Hawaii


Corals and environmental stress: The role of trans-generationalacclimatization and symbiosis in climcate change outcomes for coral reefs

Paul Falkowski  Jeana Drake

Anna Metaxas, Dalhousie University

What drives larval dispersal: from the beaker to the ocean

Daphne Munroe Kevin Crum

Tim Lyons, UC Riverside

The Early Rise (and Fall) of Oxygen in the Ocean and Atmosphere Silke Severmann Nicole Waite

Bess Ward, Princeton University

Solving a Nitrogen Cycle Puzzle: The Pathways of Fixed Nitrogen Loss in Oxygen Depleted Zones of the Ocean Paul Falkowski  Mansha Seth-Pasricha

Scott Wankel, WHOI

Biogeochemistry of the deep sea: In situ measurements of geochemical fluxes and stable isotopes Silke Severmann  Amy Anderson

Anthony Kirincich, WHOI

The spatial structure of tidal and mean circulation over the inner shelf south of Martha's Vineyard, MA  Bob Chant  Greg Seroka

Eileen Hofmann, Old Dominion University CANCELED 



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