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IMCS Seminars PDF Print E-mail
IMCS Seminars
Philip Alampi Auditorium @ Marine and Coastal Sciences Building
71 Dudley Road, (corner of College Farm and Dudley Rd)
on Rutgers Cook Campus in New Brunswick
Refreshment will be served

If you wish to schedule a meeting with the seminar speakers, please contact the seminar series organizers:  Sushmita Patwardhan and Michael Brown

Unless otherwise noted, seminars are held on Monday at 3:45 PM. Refreshment will be served beginning at 3:30 PM.

Watch Live Streaming Video of Seminars Occuring at IMCS HERE  

Fall 2015 Weekly Seminar Series PDF Print E-mail
DateSpeaker/AffliationSeminar TitleHost ProfessorHost Student
 Andrea Dutton  (University of Florida)

Assessing the evidence for polar ice sheet collapse during the last glacial period (MIS 5e)         

 Ben Horton Jennifer Walker
 9/21/2015  Adina Paytan  (University of Californa, Santa Cruz)

 Atmospheric Deposition Impacts on the Ocean

Liz Sikes  Amy Anderson
 9/28/2015  Oyster Bar



 -  -
 10/5/2015  Doug Nowacek  (Duke University)

Anthropogenic Ocean Noise: Sources, impacts and some ideas for management

 Oscar Schofield  Chris Free
 10/12/2015 Kristen Thyng  (Texas A&M University)

Transport on and across Texas-Louisiana shelf     

Nicole Couto
 10/19/2015 Olaf Jensen  (DMCS Faculty)





 Tracy Mincer  (WHOI)


 Kay Bidle  Brittany Schieler
 11/2/2015 Donal Manahan  (University of Southern California)


 Heidi Fuchs  Jaclyn Specht
 11/9/2015 Deborah Steinberg  (VIMS)


Grace Saba Filipa Carvalho
 11/16/2015  Amber Annett (DMCS Postdoc)


 - -
 11/23/2015  Chris Sherwood  (USGS)


   Jack McSweeney
 11/30/2015  Mike McCann  (DMCS Postdoc)


- -
 12/7/2015  Josh Roering  ( University of Oregon)


  Isabel Hong & Jack McSweeney










Spring 2015 Weekly Seminar Series PDF Print E-mail
DateSpeaker/AffliationSeminar TitleHost ProfessorHost Student
Adina Paytan (UC Santa Cruz)

RESCHEDULED for next Fall

  Jeana Drake
 2/2/2015  Vincent Saba (NOAA/GFDL)

Climate Change in the U.S. Northeast Shelf: Observations and Projections

Grace Saba 
Kaycee Coleman
 2/9/2015  Piero Mazzini (DMCS Postdoc)


The Effect of River Discharge and Wind Forcing on the Oregon Coastal Ocean During Fall and Winter


 2/16/2015  Ryan Batt (DMCS Postdoc)

  Trajectories of climate and biodiversity around coastal North America

 2/23/2015  Peter Franks (UC San Diego)

  Spontaneous Patch Formation in a Swarm of Robotic Plankton: Depth-Keeping in Internal Waves

John Wilkin
Patrick Flanagan
 3/2/2015  Andreas Teske (University of North Carolina Chapel Hill)

     Methane- and sulfur-cycling hydrothermal microbial communities in  Guaymas Basin       

 Costa Vetriani

Sushmita Patwardhan


Reinhard Kozdon (DMCS)


  Micron-scale stable isotope analyses in foraminiferal shells by SIMS: Getting the big picture from a small spot 

 3/16/2015  SPRING BREAK


 3/23/2015  Tobias Kukulka (University of Delaware)

      Upper ocean turbulence: Langmuir circulation, tides, and marine debris

Bob Chant
Greg Seroka
 3/30/2015  Jon Hare (NOAA)

 Climate and marine fisheries in the Northeast U.S.: changing perspectives  

  Talia Young
 4/6/2015  Huan Qiu (DMCS Postdoc) 

         The rise and fall of genome through algal evolution

 4/13/2015  Bob Steneck (University of Maine)

      Ecosystem flips, locks and feedbacks:  The lasting effects of fisheries on Maine's kelp forest ecosystem

Malin Pinsky Chris Free 
 4/20/2015  Josh Roerig (University of Oregon) 

  RESCHEDULED for next Fall 

Ben Horton 
Jack McSweeney
 4/27/2015  Baylor Fox-Kemper (Brown)

  The role of the ocean surface and its dynamics in climate

Enrique Curchitser Nicole Couto
 5/4/2015  Monica Medina (Penn State)

  Symbiosis-driven development and physiology and cnidarian hosts

  Jeana Drake 
 5/11/2015  Sergio Fagherazzi (Boston University)

  Marsh Collapse Does Not Require Sea Level Rise

Ben Horton
Jack McSweeney