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Mike Kennish

Michael J. Kennish

Research Professor
Estuarine and Marine Ecology, Marine Geology, Human Impacts on Estuarine and Marine Environments

Michael Kennishemail:
Michael J. Kennish phone: 848-932-3386

Education: Ph.D., Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

Research Interests: My work at the Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences (IMCS) entails diverse scholarly, teaching, and service activities. My primary research interest is investigating anthropogenic impacts on estuarine and coastal marine environments and developing remedial measures to improve ecosystems. In addition to being a faculty member at IMCS, I am affiliated with the Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Natural Resources. I am also a member of the Center for Deep-Sea Ecology and Biotechnology and the Rutgers Climate Institute. Furthermore, I am the Research Coordinator of the Jacques Cousteau National Estuarine Research Reserve in Tuckerton, New Jersey.

Personal Interests: I am particularly interested in improving the environmental conditions of New Jersey’s coastal environments. To this end, I have investigated the natural and anthropogenic stressors that effect change in these environments and have delineated the dynamics of environmental forcing factors that generate imbalances in their biotic community structure and ecosystem function. This work has entailed studies of watershed development, habitat loss and alteration, nutrient enrichment and eutrophication, hypoxia and anoxia, organic pollution, chemical contaminants, climate change, sea-level rise, overfishing, invasive species, watercraft effects, dredging and dredge material disposal, thermal discharges, entrainment and impingement of electric generating stations, and other subjects.


  • 13 scholarly books (author or editor)
  • 170 articles in peer-reviewed journals and other publications (author or co-author)
  • 6 compendium science journal special issues (editor) 


 Awards (Past 5 years):

  • 2008 Guardian of the Barnegat Bay Award (Barnegat Bay National Estuary Program/USEPA)
  • 2009 NOAA/NERRA National Award (for outstanding contributions to the National Estuarine Research Reserve System of NOAA).
  • 2010 Graham Macmillan Award of the American Littoral Society (for significant contributions to marine science and conservation).
  • 2010 Sierra Club Award (for exceptional environmental accomplishments in New Jersey).
  • 2011 Pearl S. Schwartz Environmental Award of the League of Women Voters (for outstanding research on New Jersey's coastal environments).
  • 2013 Frank Oliver Award of the New Jersey Environmental Lobby (for contributions to the protection of New Jersey's environments).


My Links:

Michael Kennish Investigating estuarine beach dynamics at Silver Bay, New Jersey.
Mike KennishSurveying marsh grasses and tidal creeks at Barnegat Bay, New Jersey.

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