Oceanography Seminar Course Spring 2014


Instructors:  Liz Sikes (room 114C ext 2-3257) John Wilkin (room 214C ext 2-3419)

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 Course theme: Human interactions with the ocean and Earth environment

Syllabus as of April 21, 2014

Class meets Wednesdays from10:00-11:30   in the Ocean Modeling room



Week 1 January 19   Canceled due to snow


Week 2 January 26  Liz Sikes and John Wilkin - Introduction to class, discussion of topics intent etc.


                 Resource faculty member:  Liz Sikes - Student presenter: Jack McSweeney


Reading: Bauer, James E., Wei-Jun Cai, Peter A. Raymond, Thomas S. Bianchi, Charles S. Hopkinson & Pierre A. G. Regnier The changing carbon cycle of the coastal ocean, Nature, 504,61-70, 2013


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Week 3 February 5  Canceled due to snow


Week 4 February 12 Resource faculty member: Kay Bidle- Student presenter: Brittany Schieler


Reading: Assaf Vardi, Liti Haramaty, Benjamin A. S. Van Mooy, Helen F. Fredricks, Susan A. Kimmance, Aud Larsen, and Kay D. Bidle,  Host–virus dynamics and subcellular controls of cell fate in a natural coccolithophore population, PNAS, 109:47, 19327–1933,  2012.


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Supplemental reference paper (skim for background info)

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Week 5 February19 Resource faculty member:  John Wilkin- Student presenter: Alex Lopez  with Aboozar Tabatabai


Reading: J.N. Druon, A. Mannino, S. Signorini, C. McClain, M. Friedrichs, J. Wilkin, K. Fennel, Modeling the dynamics and export of dissolved organic matter in the Northeastern U.S. continental shelf, Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, 88, 488-507 (2010).

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Supplemental reference paper (skim for background info)

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Week 6 February 26 Resource faculty member: Becca Barnes- Student presenter: Lauren Weisel

Reading Aufdenkampe, A.K., E.Mayorga, Raymond, P.A., Melack, J.M., Doney, S.C., Alin, S.R., Aalto, R.E., Yoo, K., Riverine coupling of biogeochemical cyclesbetween land, oceans, and atmosphere. Frontiers Ecol Environ 9, 53–60, 2011.


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Week 7 March 5 Resource faculty member: Ben Horton- Student presenter: Dean Lyons


Reading: Glenn A. Milne, W. Roland Gehrels, Chris W. Hughes and Mark E. Tamisiea, Identifying the causes of sea-level change, Nature Geosciences, 2, 471-478

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Week 8 March 12 Resource faculty member: Liz Sikes- Student presenter: group discussion


Reading: T.E. Törnqvist, D. J. Wallace, J. E. A. Storms, J. Wallinga, R. L. Van Dam, M. Blaauw, M. S. Derksen, C. J. W. Klerks, C. Meijneken, And E. M. A. Snijders, Mississippi Delta subsidence primarily caused by compaction of Holocene strata, Nature Geosciences, 1:173-176, 2008

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Optional background Reading: A. Cazenave andW. Llovel, Contemporary Sea Level Rise, Annu. Rev. Mar. Sci. 2010. 2:145–73.

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Special interest reading on sea level in Norfolk, VA from the NYTimes 2010

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For a very nice little primer on sea level from the physics point of view by MinutePhysics you can watch this: (Thanks Brittany!)



*No Class March 19 - Spring Break


Week 9 March 26 Resource faculty member: Olaf Jensen- Student presenter: Amy Anderson


Reading: Ransom A. Myers & Boris Worm, Rapid worldwide depletion of predatory fish communities, Nature, 423: 280-283, 2003

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Reading: John Sibert, John Hampton, Pierre Kleiber, Mark Maunder,  Biomass, Size, and Trophic Status of Top Predators in the Pacific Ocean, Science, 314:1773-1776, 2006 

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Week 10 April 2 Resource faculty member: Liz Sikes- Student presenter: Lauren Weisel

            We are going back upstream this week!

Reading: Walter, R., and D. Merritts (2008), Natural streams and the legacy of water-powered milling, Science, 319(5861), 299-304.

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Week 11 April 9 Resource faculty member: Daphne Munroe- Student presenter: Brittany Schieler


Reading:  Julie M. Rose, Suzanne B. Bricker, Mark A. Tedesco, and Gary H. Wikfors, A Role for Shellfish Aquaculture in Coastal Nitrogen Management, Environ. Sci. Technol., 48, 2519−2525, 2014

            Click here for pdf

Reading:  Colleen B. Higgins, Kurt Stephenson, and Bonnie L. Brown,  Nutrient Bioassimilation Capacity of Aquacultured Oysters: Quantification of an Ecosystem Service, J. Environ. Qual. 40:271–277 (2011)

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Week 12 April 16 Resource faculty member: Malin Pinsky- Student presenter: Sushmita Patwardhan


Reading: Esben M. Olsen, Mikko Heino, George R. Lilly, M. Joanne Morgan, John Brattey, Bruno Ernande & Ulf Dieckmann, Maturation trends indicative of rapid evolution preceded the collapse of northern cod, Nature, 428: 932-935, 2004.


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Week 13 April 23 Resource faculty member: TBA- Student presenter: Sushmita Patwardhan


Readings: L.E. Fleming, K. Broad, A. Clement , E. Dewailly, S. Elmir A. Knap,S.A. Pomponi, S. Smith, H. Solo Gabriele, P. Walsh, Oceans and human health: Emerging public health risks

in the marine environment, Marine Pollution Bulletin, 53, 545-560,2006.

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Week 14 April 30 Resource faculty member: Liz Sikes - Student presenter: Dean Lyons


Reading:W. Ruddiman, The Anthropogenic greenhouse era began thousands of years ago, Climatic Change 61: 261–293, 2003.


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