Oceanography Seminar Course Fall 2014


Instructors:  Liz Sikes (room 114C ext 2-3257)

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 Course theme: The tropical and sub tropical (mostly) Western Pacific Ocean

Syllabus as of October 12, 2014

Class meets Tuesdays from 10:00-11:30   in the Ocean Modeling room



Week 1 September 3   Organizational meeting


Week 2 September 9 Resource faculty member: John Wilkin - Student presenter: Christien Laber


Reading:A. Gordon, Oceanography of the Indonesian Seas and their throughflow, Oceanography, 18(4), 14-27, 2005


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Week 3 September 16  Resource faculty member:  Liz Sikes - Student presenter: Lauren Weisel  


Reading: Sachs, J. P., D. Sachse, R. H. Smittenberg, Z. Zhang, D. S. Battisti, and S. Golubic (2009), Southward movement of the Pacific intertropical convergence zone AD 1400–1850, Nature Geoscience, 2(7), 519-525.


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Week 4 September 23 Resource faculty member: Malin Pinsky- Student presenter: Brittany Schieler CLASS Special TIME 11:30

CLASS Special TIME 11:30

Reading: Eric A. Treml, Jason J. Roberts, Yi Chao, Patrick N. Halpin, Hugh P. Possingham and Cynthia Riginos, Reproductive Output and Duration of the Pelagic Larval StageDetermine Seascape-Wide Connectivity of Marine Populations, Integrative and Comparative Biology, vol 52:4, pp. 525–537, (2012)


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Week 5 September 30 Resource faculty member: Ben Horton - Student presenter: Sarah Lietzke


Reading  Kruawun Jankaew, Brian F. Atwater, Yuki Sawai, Montri Choowong, Thasinee Charoentitirat, Maria E. Martin, & Amy Prendergast, Medieval forewarning of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami in Thailand, Nature, 455: 1228-1231,  2008


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Week 6 October 7 Resource faculty member: Enrique Curchister- Student presenter:  Sarah Lietzke

Reading: E. L. Penaflor,  W. J. Skirving,  A. E. Strong, S. F. Heron, L. T. David, Sea-surface temperature and thermal stress in the Coral Triangle over the past two decades, Coral Reefs 28:841–850, (2009)

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Week 7 October 14 Resource faculty member: Oscar Schofield/Liz Sikes- Student presenter: Mike Brown


Reading: Lewis, M.R. M.E.Carr, G. C. Feldman, W. Esaias, and C. McClain, Influence of penetrating radiation on the heat budget of the equatorial Pacific Ocean, Nature, 347, 543-545, 1990


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Week 8 October 21 Resource faculty member: Olaf Jensensittin’ in”- Student presenter: Sushmita Patwardhan


IMG_7139Readings: John Siberta, Inna Senina, Patrick Lehodey, and John Hampton, Shifting from marine reserves to maritime zoning for conservation of Pacific bigeye tuna (Thunnus obesus) , PNAS, 109: 44, .18221–18225.


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Week 9 October 28  Resource faculty member: TBA Student presenter: tentative: Brittany Schieler



Week 10 November 4 Resource faculty member: Yair Rosenthal - Student presenter: Lauren Weisel



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Week 11 November 11  Resource faculty member: Diane Adams- Student presenter: Mike Brown




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Week 12 November 19 CLASS Special DAY Wednesday Resource faculty member: Costa Vetriani - Student presenter: Sushmita Patwardhan  CLASS Special DAY Wednesday




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Week 13 November 25  No class Thanksgiving week



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Week 14 December 2 Resource faculty member: TBA- Student presenter: Christian Laber




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