Oceanography Seminar Course Fall 2014


Instructors:  Liz Sikes (room 114C ext 2-3257)

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 Course theme: The tropical and sub tropical (mostly) Western Pacific Ocean

Syllabus as of October 24, 2014

Class meets Tuesdays from 10:00-11:30   in the Ocean Modeling room



Week 1 September 3   Organizational meeting


Week 2 September 9 Resource faculty member: John Wilkin - Student presenter: Christien Laber


Reading:A. Gordon, Oceanography of the Indonesian Seas and their throughflow, Oceanography, 18(4), 14-27, 2005


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Week 3 September 16  Resource faculty member:  Liz Sikes - Student presenter: Lauren Weisel  


Reading: Sachs, J. P., D. Sachse, R. H. Smittenberg, Z. Zhang, D. S. Battisti, and S. Golubic (2009), Southward movement of the Pacific intertropical convergence zone AD 1400–1850, Nature Geoscience, 2(7), 519-525.


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Week 4 September 23 Resource faculty member: Malin Pinsky- Student presenter: Brittany Schieler CLASS Special TIME 11:30

CLASS Special TIME 11:30

Reading: Eric A. Treml, Jason J. Roberts, Yi Chao, Patrick N. Halpin, Hugh P. Possingham and Cynthia Riginos, Reproductive Output and Duration of the Pelagic Larval StageDetermine Seascape-Wide Connectivity of Marine Populations, Integrative and Comparative Biology, vol 52:4, pp. 525–537, (2012)


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Week 5 September 30 Resource faculty member: Ben Horton - Student presenter: Sarah Lietzke


Reading  Kruawun Jankaew, Brian F. Atwater, Yuki Sawai, Montri Choowong, Thasinee Charoentitirat, Maria E. Martin, & Amy Prendergast, Medieval forewarning of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami in Thailand, Nature, 455: 1228-1231,  2008


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Week 6 October 7 Resource faculty member: Enrique Curchister- Student presenter:  Sarah Lietzke

Reading: E. L. Penaflor,  W. J. Skirving,  A. E. Strong, S. F. Heron, L. T. David, Sea-surface temperature and thermal stress in the Coral Triangle over the past two decades, Coral Reefs 28:841–850, (2009)

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Week 7 October 14 Resource faculty member: Oscar Schofield/Liz Sikes- Student presenter: Mike Brown


Reading: Lewis, M.R. M.E.Carr, G. C. Feldman, W. Esaias, and C. McClain, Influence of penetrating radiation on the heat budget of the equatorial Pacific Ocean, Nature, 347, 543-545, 1990


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Week 8 October 21 Resource faculty member: Olaf Jensen “sittin’ in”- Student presenter: Sushmita Patwardhan


IMG_7139Readings: John Siberta, Inna Senina, Patrick Lehodey, and John Hampton, Shifting from marine reserves to maritime zoning for conservation of Pacific bigeye tuna (Thunnus obesus) , PNAS, 109: 44, .18221–18225.


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Week 9 October 28  Resource faculty member: Lee Kerkof “sittin’ in” Student presenter: Brittany Schieler


 Reading: Katharina E. Fabricius, Chris Langdon, Sven Uthicke, Craig Humphrey, Sam Noonan, Glenn De’ath, Remy Okazaki, Nancy Muehllehner, Martin S. Glas and Janice M. Lough, Losers and winners in coral reefs acclimatized to elevated carbon dioxide concentrations, Nature Communications, DOI: 10.1038/NCLIMATE1122, 2011

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Week 10 November 4 Resource faculty member: Yair Rosenthal - Student presenter: Lauren Weisel



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Week 11 November 11  Resource faculty member: Diane Adams- Student presenter: Mike Brown




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Week 12 November 19 CLASS Special DAY Wednesday Resource faculty member: Costa Vetriani - Student presenter: Sushmita Patwardhan  CLASS Special DAY Wednesday




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Week 13 November 25  No class Thanksgiving week



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Week 14 December 2 Resource faculty member: TBA- Student presenter: Christian Laber




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